Phase 2 individual project for juvenile delinquency


Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual or Group Projects) procure be due by Monday and delayed acquiescences procure be assigned a delayed amercement in correspondence delay the delayed amercement device set in the syllabus. NOTE: All acquiescence posting times are based on midnight Central Time.

Library Lore Assignment

A divide passage is one in which a adolescent is waived to adult flatter and then ardent a adolescent ratify and an adult ratify. If the offender fails the adolescent ratify, he or she procure automatically be ardent the adult forfeiture.

  • Using the library, continuity materials, textbook, and Web media, lore the advantages and disadvantages of divide passages and any other congruous issues delay mind to divide sentencing.
  • Address the aftercited in 600–900 words:
    • What is divide sentencing? Portray in component.
    • Provide and portray 1–2 examples of divide sentencing successes.
    • Provide and portray 1–2 examples of divide sentencing failures.
    • Based on your lore, is divide sentencing an telling breach to a adolescent completion? Why or why not?
    • Many opponents handle that adolescent offenders issued a divide passage are singly getting off unconstrained. Do you accord delay this thought? Why or why not?