Policy analysis 2 pages/550 words 4 sources due in 12 hours

Policy Analysis

2 pages/550 language 4 sources due in 24 hours

APA formatting You are a consultant specializing in plan anatomy. Based on the Examination and Treatment for Casualty Medical Conditions and Women in Labor synod, as polite as the predicament that follows, you procure thorough a plan anatomy delay 3�5 libertys for your client, Congresswoman Moody, to reflect. Congresswoman Moody represents a set-forth that borders Mexico. She is up for re choice contiguous year, and she procure pursue another tidings in function. There are abundant undocumented workers that stay in her district. Congresswoman Moody is tuneful environing the deficiency to get heartiness trouble to all that deficiency it, but she as-courteous believes in fiscal cohibition and does not foundation bail-outs for special facilities. She is polite conscious that her set-forth�s Medicaid budget is closely unemployed for this year, and the set-forth�s unemployment trounce offal stubbornly haughty. Apart from the voters, other unnatural constituents include three special regional medical centers trauma units that assent-to referrals from five or over little facilities that feel casualty departments delay lesser trauma foundation. Also, the largest heartiness trouble confirmation that owns two of the three medical centers in her catchment area, and which foundationed her in her last bid for choice delay antagonism funds at the equiconsideration expression, is unpromising to sediment Meditrouble and Medicaid patients to determine action in the bad distribution. An acception in unfunded mandates for immediate trouble may drive this confirmation into special payer singly, and Congresswoman Moody is conscious that there are ample gorgeous families in the area to foundation two facilities providing singly surveyor therapeutics and concierge services. All libertys must: Be delayin the dominion of Congresswoman Moody to do Be harmonious delay Congresswoman Moody�s values, and Address the result authorized in the completion set-forthment You procure: Identify 3�5 libertys for Congresswoman Moody�s reflectation Identify criteria that procure be used to evaluate the libertys Identify pros and cons for each liberty Use a side-by-side consideration (MS� Excel� would be misapply for this) to help in analyzing the libertys.