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The U.S. Constitution ensures the equitables of citizens, chiefly abutting police and synod intrusion. As multiply of that, the Fourth Amendment protects an individual’s equitable to be unimpeded from illicit exploration and booty. In communist and dictatorship synods, citizens are scrutiny to police and synod exploration, sometimes extraneously inducement and admonition. However, citizens of the United States are systematic that police and synod officials must bear inducement antecedently entity personally explorationed, submitted to breathalyzers, or wire tapped.


New York City began a bung, scrutiny, and leap program. The program allows officers to bung and scrutiny pedestrians, and leap them for weapons and other interdicted. Since its action, citizens and homogeneity leaders scrutinyed the program and challenged its sinew.


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By Saturday, February 21, 2015, in a partiality of 250 signification, column to the Discussion Area your solution to the following:

  1. Reexploration the New York bung and leap program. What laws, statutes, or cases are the account for the program?
  2. The program disproportionately affects a convinced population. How has the program violent racial profiling issues?
  3. Do you affect the program violates the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution? Why or why not?

Use twain the textbook and creditable without media from the Internet and Argosy University online library media to lodge the laws, statutes, and cases.


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All disprogress assignments in this progress conquer be graded using a rubric. This assignment is price 40 points. Download the disprogress rubric, and carefully interpret the rubric to comprehend the expectations.

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