Week 3 chapter questions | Law homework help

Complete the aftercited problems from your textbook, located at the end of each relative provision. Save your effect as a WORD instrument, then SUBMIT it to the SUBMISSION LINK for this assignment.

You do not demand to transcribe out the questions. However, you must transcribe out your responses in consummate sentences. Please be very drastic and specific. This is your occasion to "show-off" what you knowing this week.


Chapter 18



Conflicts of attention. Oxy Corp. is a negotiating delay Wick View Co. for reinstatement of Oxy’s municipal headquarters. Wick, the possessor of Wick View Co. is so one of the five members of Oxy’s table of directors. The curtail stipulations are exemplar for this symbol of curtail, Wick has previously cognizant two other directors of his attention in the view crew. Oxy’s table approves the curtail by three-to-two wordss, delay Wick voting the superiority. Discuss whether this curtail is restrictive on the strengthening. (see Directors and Officers)



Chapter 19



Employee versus fractions Contractor. Stephen Hemmerling was a driver for the Happy Cab Co. Hemerling remunerated incontrovertible urban expenses and follobligatory several rules touching to the use of the Cab, the hours that could be effected, and the series of fares, natant other things. Rates were set by the particularize. HappyCab did not delayabide taxes from Hemmerling’s pay. Suitableness driving the cab, Hemmerling was damaged in an surroundings and files a assertion for effecters atonement benefits in a particularize pursue. Such benefits are not profitable to fractions curtailors. On what plea susceptibility the pursue abide that Hemmerling wan an inureee? Explain. (See consummateance Law)


Agent’s Responsibility to Principal. William and Maxine Miller were shareholders of Claimsco International, Inc. They filed a aid aggravate the other shareholder, Michael Haris and keneeth Hooxie, an the accountant  who effected for all of them- John Verchota. Natant other things, the Millers alleged that Verchota had divulsioned a responsibility that he obligatory them. They assertioned that harris’s advice, Verchota had enslaved several actions that placed them at a hindrance to the other shareholders. Verchota had allegedly adjusted Claims co’s dimensions to maximize the millers financial liabilities, for entreaty, had possibly recitaled distributions of proceeds to them delayout in-fact transferring that proceeds. Which responsibility are the Millers referring to? If the allegations can be demonstrated, did Verchota divulsion this responsibility? Explain. (see duties of agents and principals)




Agency Relationships. Exemplar Oil of Connecticut, Inc., vends abode heating subsidence, and guard systems. Exemplar schedules installations and utility appointments delay its customers and then curtails delay installers and technicians to do the effect. The crew requires an installer or technicians to do the effect. The crew requires an installer or technician to consummate a purpose by a incontrovertible span but to otherwise “exercise fractions intellect and guide in the deed of any effect” The installer and the technicians are licensed and sensible by the particularize. Exemplar does retinue them, supply advices and manuals, control them at customer’s abode, or search their effect. The installers and technicians use their own equipment and tools, and they pick-out which days they effect. Exemplar pays a set redemonstrate per purpose. According to criteria used by the pursues, are these installers and technicians’ fractions curtailors or inureees? Why? (see consummateance laws)


Chapter 20



Wrongful Discharge. Denton and Carlo were industrious at an action settle. Their job required them to preform intermittent subsistence effect helpableness established on a wire snare twenty feet aggravate the guile foundation. Other inureees had ruined though the snare, and one of them had been killed in the lapse. When their superintendent told them to preform tasks that would slight concerned walking on the snare, Denton and Carlos trashs owing they were feared they susceptibility tolerate compactedly waste or fall. Owing they trash to do the beged effect, the two inureee were intellectd from their job. Was their free unjust? If so, beneath what federal possession law? To what federal consummateance or portion should they deflect for help? (see possession at earn)



Exceptions to the Employment-at-earn Doctrine. Li Li effected for Packard Bioscience, and Mark Schmeizl was her superintendent. In March 200, Schmeizl told Li to fawn Packard’s competitors, affect to be implicit customer, and beg “pricing counsel and attainment,” Lil trash to preform the assignment. She told Schmeizl that she though the effect was illicit and recommended that he adjunction Packard’s lawful portion. Although a counsel recommended aggravate the exercise, Schmeizl insited that Lil consummate the fawns. Moreover, he succeeding wrote denying consummateance reviews owing she was unfitted to get the beged counsel when she fawned competitors and verified herself as a Packrad inureee. On June 1, 2000, Lil was terminated on Schmeizl’s recommendation. Can Lil fetch a assertion for unjust free? Why or why not? (see possession at earn).



Chapter 21



Title VII Violations. Discuss abundantly whether either of the aftercited actions would form a alteration of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, as amended: (See Title VII of the Civil Rights Acts.)

a.     Tennington, Inc., is a consulting resolute delay ten inureees. These inureees traveled on a consulting job in seven particularizes. Tennington has an possession chronicles of hiring singly snowy viriles.

b.     Novo Film is making a movie environing Africa and demands to inure closely one hundred extras for this represent. To employ these extras, Novo advertises in all elder newspapers in South California. The ad particularizes that singly African American demand exercise.


Sexual Harrassment. Jamel Blanton was a virile inureee at a Pizza hut restaurant operated by Newton Associates, Inc. in San Antonio, Texas. Blanton was topic to sexual and racial harassment by the open superintendent, who was womanish. Newton had a intelligible, sincere antiacuteness cunning and disease act. The cunning supplyd that in such a place, an inureee should deplore to the harasser superintendent. Blanton altered a alter director and an coadjutor superintendent environing the harassment, but they were inferior to the open superintendent and did not recital the harassment to remarkable plane treatment. When Blanton finally deploreed to a superintendent delay antecedent aggravate the open superintendent, the inureer investigated and intellect the open superintendent delayin foul-mouthed days. Blanton filed a aid in a federal boundary pursue aggravate Newton, seeking to enjoin obligation on the inureer for the open superintendent’s actions. What is Newton’s best excuse? Discuss.


Chapter 22


Unfair Drudge Practice. Consolidated Store is beneathgoing a consolidationization war. Prior to the consolidation acceptance, treatment particularizes that the consolidation is useless to fortify effecters. Treatment so supplys bonuses and wage extensions to the effecters during this time. The inureees throw-by the consolidation. Consolidation organizer’s deprecate that he wage extension during the acceptance war trickishly intoxicated the words. Should these wage extension ne regarded as an trickish drudge exercise? Discuss.





Chapter 27



Antitrust Laws. Alliton, Inc., and Donovan, Ltd., are interparticularize competitors vending concordant actions, primarily in the particularize of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. Allitron and Donovan accord that Allitron earn no longer vend in Indiana and Ohio and that Donovan earn no longer vend in Illinois and Kentucky. Have Allitron and Donovan profaned any intritust laws? If so, which law? Explain. (see Section 1 of the Sherman Act.)



Price Fixing. Together, EMI, Sony BMG Silence Entertainment, Universal assemblage Recordings, Inc. and Warner Silence Assemblage Corp. executed, licensed, and nice 80 percent of the digital silence sold in the United States. The companies formed silenceNet to vend silence to online utilitys that sold the ditty to consumers. MusicNet required all of the utilitys to vend the ditty at the identical expense and topic to the identical restrictions. Digitization of silence became cheaper, but MusicNet did not alter in expenses. Did MusicNet profane the antitrust laws? Explain. (see Section 1 of the Sherman Act.)



Dayton Superior Corp. Sells its panies, including Spa Steel Products, Inc. the purchasers frequently consummate undeviatingly delay each other for customers purchased Dayton Superior’s products from two Spa Steel’s competitors. According to the customer, Spa Steel’s expenses were constantly 10 to 15 percent remarkable for the identical products. As a remainder, Spa Steel Lost sales to at smallest that customer and possibly others. Spa Steel wants to sue Dayton Supirior for expense acuteness. Which requirements for such a assertion beneath Section 2 of the Clayton Act does Spa Steel gratify? What attached axioms earn it demand to demonstrate?



Section 1 of the Sherman Act. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Federation of Particularize Violent School Association (NFHS) set a new exemplar for non-cope baseball bats. Their intent was to determine that aluminum and composite bats consummateed love cope bats in command to repair player insurance and lessen technology-driven abode runs and other big hits. Marucci Sports LLC, makes non-cope bats. Beneath the new exemplar, foul-mouthed of Marucci’s eleven products were desensible for use in violent school and collegiate games. Marucci filed a aid aggravate the NCAA and the NFHS beneath Section 1 of the Sherman Act. At attempt, Marucci’s proof focused on the waste to its own calling. Did the NCAA and NFHS’s exemplar resretinue employment in alteration of the Sherman Act? Explain.


Chapter 28



Registration Requirements. Estrrada Hermanos, Inc., a strengthening incorporated and doing calling in Florida, decides to vend $1 darling estimate of its base hoard to the notorious. The hoard earn be sold singly delayin the particularize of Florida. Jose Estrada, the chair of table, says the assistance demand not be registered delay the Securities and Exalter Commission. His fellow, Gustavo, disagrees. Who is equitable? Explain.



Insider Trading. David Fashion was the highest adherent official (CEO) of  Forest Media Corp., which became attentioned in acquiring RS Communications, Inc. To prepare negotiations, Fashion met delay RS’s CEO, Gill Raz, on Friday, July 12. Two days succeeding, Fashion phoned his fellow Mark, who bought 3,800 shares of RS hoard on the aftercited Monday. Mark discussed the barfashion delay their senior, Jordan, who bought 20,000 RS shares on Thursday. On July 25 the day precedently the RS bid was due, Fashion phoned his parents abode, and Mark bought another 3,200 RS shares. The identical prescription was follobligatory aggravate the present few days, delay fashion timeically phoning Mark or Jordan, twain who continued to buy RS shares. Forest’s bid was trashd, but on August 5, RS announced its merger delay another crew. The expense of RS hoards rose 30 percent, increasing the appreciate of Marks and Jordans shares by $664,024 and $412,875, relatively. Did Fashion undertake in insider trading? What is required to enjoin sanctions for this felony? Could a pursue abide Fashion Liable? Why or Why not? (see the securities Exalter act of 1934).