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Josie loved her new job.  She was paid to specimen tarnish for a mining community. Her agree said she could elect her own hours, although her proceeds was congenial on act of 37.5 hours a week and her toil hours were to generally equate to that sum of hours. The agree illustrative her as an ‘independent agreeor’ geologist, and said she was not guaranteed any toil.  It so said she was legal for her own taxation, insurance and any superannuation she chose to assemble. Other conditions interjacent one on fulfilment of the agree, requiring one months’ serve-to by either margin in agreement.


Josie has an Australian Business Sum and invoices the community the similar totality each month, as instructed and developmentd by the community toil rules exertion. The similar rules exertion prohibits Josie from toiling for any other mining existence harmoniousness she is toiling for the community or delegating her toil to any other mining existence, spontaneous she has the community’s written sufferance. In kinsman to toilplace behaviour the exertion states that discriminatory behaviour by staff achieve not be tolerated and occasions coercion aftercited a seasonable examination. Staff are promised a repute pointing the end of any sickness they dominion construct.


Josie sentiment the nation she toiled delay were all strange, although over of-delayed she has had problems delay her superintendent, Tim; and the regional superintendent, Thomas. Tim growled at her for future in delayed one dawning developed month. He told her she was not to determine in delayed spontaneous she had a meliorate determine than solely having to serve her incorporeal discourse. He growled and swore at her repeatedly developed Friday for the similar invention, undulating his fists in the air and shouting someinvention environing 'bloody Muslims'. Josie was subvert and contradiction aftercited this luminous. Tim has been courteous gone then, but when he issues her toil instructions for the day he is vituperative environing her competency to accomplished the toil in a harmonious date produce.


A foreigner of days ago Thomas allocated her new and extra toil on discovering she was prelude supplication breaks in the refreshment space twice a day for 30 minutes. When Josie asked why she was given extra toil and the others weren't, Thomas told her it was accordingly she must feel too abundant date on her hands if she can supply to catch supplication breaks. He external that if she couldn't secure the extra toil he would feel her agree terminated.


Not lucky delay her kinsmanship delay Tim and Thomas, Josie has of-delayed complained to the Human Resources line environing Tim’s abrupt quotationure and Thomas’s allocation of over toil. She told them she now feels she cannot elect her set-out date and cannot catch breaks as desired, and is incorrectly pathos disillusioned environing her toil. She does not say that she has set-outed another contingent job delay a sentiment to leaving if inventions do not emend.



Advise the community


·         Whether Josie can arrogation she has a agree of employment

·         Whether they are agreeually jump to ensue the rules exertion and dare and repute on the behaviour of Tim and Thomas

·         Whether they feel breached any dishonorable law responsibility attributable to Josie well-balanced if they are not agreeually jump to ensue the rules exertion.



Nb.  The overhead doubts are adapted to secure barely dishonorable law issues; it is material not to point any comp in your repartee. Your assignment expression period should not over than 1500 expressions. 


*Using Western Australia Law to repartee this doubt.



Aseparate from using Chicago or APA referencing, you insufficiency so to be apprised of how to select circumstances and comp.

Cases unwavering by courts and tribunals feel a indicate, a year of resolution, repute distinction, repute compass, and repute page sum.  All of these points should be interjacent in the pristine citation of the circumstance. E.g. Stevens v Brodribb Sawmilling (1986) 95 CLR 523.  After that the circumstance can be referred by indicate barely.  Where you feel base out the points of the circumstance from a abstract or other fountain and not from the circumstance repute itself, your decision should determine delay that fountain.  E.g. In Stevens v Brodribb……(van der Waarden 2010, p18).  Note, this development is delayhold for Chicago diction referencing; the end of decision allusion achieve be denoted unequally depending on the allusion diction.

Legislation should be indicated delay the year of parliamentary approval and cognizance catalogueed as separate of its indicate.  E.g. Fair Toil Act 2009 (Cth).  Cth is an conciseness for Commonwealth.  WA is the conciseness used for Western Australia. If you are referring to a separateicular individuality of an Act, you should indicate the act pristine and then add the individuality.  E.g. Fair Toil Act 2009 (Cth) s. 117.

Once you feel selectd circumstances and comp delayholdly in the quotation of your Nursing Dissertation, you should NOT be catalogueing them repeatedly in your catalogue of allusions.  If you indeed scantiness to construct a catalogue, catalogue them individually in a catalogue of circumstances, or a catalogue of comp, aftercited your allusions. Nb. Allusion catalogues embrace exertions, subscription, internet documents, etc.

See the Library guides for advance points on Chicago or APA diction referencing.