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Liberals and conservatives differ markedly regarding approaches

Liberals and conservatives differ markedly regarding approaches to addressing terrorism in a post-9/11 environment. Discuss your assessment of current approaches to combating terrorism, including ongoing military/diplomatic operations in the Middle East and the doctrine of preemption, along with other approaches that may have more or less value in degrading terrorist threats.

Discussion 2 (150 words, 2 credible sources in APA)

Compare and contrast the power of the so-called Green Movement today in an era of multinational corporations, international organizations, and nongovernmental organizations. Has this complicated efforts to address environmental, energy, and criminal justice issues? To what degree, if any, has the federal government partnered with green organizations to tackle a multitude of crises involving clean air, water, and renewable energy? Has the public policy process incorporated all relevant stakeholders in this area?

Discussion 3 (150 words, 2 credible sources in APA)

Perhaps no issue has polarized the electorate more than healthcare reform, with major initiatives occurring during the Obama administration that may greatly expand coverage to millions of Americans. Based upon the readings, current events, and your perspectives of health reform, identify the three biggest challenges to the implementation of health care policy that increases efficiency, efficacy, and cost savings. To what degree, if any, is it important to have universal health insurance coverage?

Discussion 4 (150 words, 2 credible sources in APA)

Unlike virtually all Western countries, the United States has decentralized its education policy to local school districts, with little if any formal curriculum requirements emanating from Washington. Discuss the degree to which the localization of education public policymaking in the United States has either enhanced or detracted from the ability of educators to train students for the competitive job market. What obstacles, if any, does the creation of public policy at the local level in education pose to sound national education policy?

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