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Analytic Essay encircling two deficient stories 

1- Interpret the deficient recital “To Build a Fire” by Jack London. The associate is down below

2- Interpret the deficient recital of “The House on Mango street” by Sandra Cisneros (Download the PDF perfect. Only interpret these pages in the dimensions: 3, 4, 5 dimensions page/ 11, 12, 13 PDF page ) *Look at the consultation of full  

3- Write an analytic essay encircling comparing/contrasting the two stories naturalized on their low themes and scholarly devices (1000 opinion)

4- The essay must supervene the proper design of the sketch that has been unshaken to this assignment. (Make sure you’re looking at the outline when you are adaptation the essay. The sketch has been unshaken to this assignment.) The essay in unaccepconsultation if you are not adaptation naturalized on the sketch that is supposing. 

5- The essay must bear entirety of 6 adduces (two for each matter paragraph/ which instrument one for each recital) as declaration to parade the similitude of scholarly devices that bear been used in the recital 

6- Your analytic essay must bear one intro, three matter paragraphs, and one falsification.

7- Use the recital's distinction. Titles in MLA format are in quotation marks

8- For your adduce (the declaration), Use rectify MLA formatting.

(associate to the deficient recital of To Build a fire )