Information literacy lesson 3 | Literature homework help

Information Literacy Lesson 3

1. What is the mode for introducing a trodden allege in APA?
A. Don't use any identifying knowledge in the Nursing Dissertation or plan.
B. Use a distinguished peculiarity, parallel after a while the year of proclamation in parentheses.
C. Use a distinguished peculiarity after a while singly the author's designate in parentheses.
D. Use a distinguished peculiarity after a while the proclamation designate and time accessed in parentheses.

2. Purdue University's Online congruity Lab (OWL) is a hireling that
A. is frank to use and offers food for all facets of congruity, from basic style and punctuation to MLA and APA quotation and
document modes.
B. caters counsel to singly Purdue University students in all areas of congruity from the congruity rule to learning orders.
C. is published by the Council of Investigation Editors and is used for learning congruity in investigation and akin grounds.
D. aids you frame your bibliographies and generates a exhaustive inventory of media you've used.

3. Which of the forthcoming decisions is penny?
A. Even if the knowledge has been restated in your own signification and decision constitution, you stagnant scarcity to use a quotation.
B. Impartial use permits an specialal to frame multiple copies of a calculable designation for other mob.
C. Patents fortify records, a account or peculiarity, and designates used by a feature association that denote the association or a
D. Plagiarism doesn't include paraphrasing someone else's signification after a whileout giving suited confidence.

4. A bibliography is fixed owing it caters a order for
A. your readers to perceive your sources for themselves.
B. using a bibliographic generator.
C. organizing your learning life.
D. maintenance mode of what sources you don't scantiness to use in your learning plan.

5. Although online bibliographic generators are generally deferential, it's constantly best exercise to confirm the
accuracy of the quotations by
A. mimicking the quotation modes used in other authors' bibliographies.
B. borrowing real-life examples of learning in your given ground of consider.
C. comparing different quotation modes and using whichever one frames the most sensation.
D. using Purdue University and Long Island University's online congruity labs.

6. The record ® resources the ________ is recorded.
A. representationright
B. impartial use exertion
C. questionable
D. trademark

7. What is the favoringation of a trademark?
A. A image of fortifyion that concerns inventions and rulees and excludes others from obscure to chaffer, effect, and dispose-of
B. A constitutional rule that covers records, a account or peculiarity and designates used by a feature association to denote the association or
a consequence
C. A constitutional rule that covers published and unpublished exertions
D. A image of fortifyion that allows you to frame copies of an author's exertion for educational purposes

8. When citing, you must cater _______ to decide your readers precisely what knowledge you borrowed
from your sources.
A. your notecards
B. a bibliography page
C. your learning life
D. in-text quotations

9. Penn Foster's Academic Integrity prudence can be viewed in
A. your mode syllabi.
B. your mode.
C. your email feeds.
D. Penn Foster's Undergraduate Catalog and Student Handbook.

10. Which of the forthcoming elements should be placed highest in a bibliographic quotation?
A. Place of proclamation
B. Time of proclamation
C. Author
D. Title

11. To which of the forthcoming does representationcorrect fortifyion not allot?
A. Images
B. Video
C. Sounds
D. Inventions

12. Impartial use
A. allows you to frame added copies of an designation for other mob to use.
B. permits someone to representation an full quantity or calculable.
C. gives a special the correct to representation excellent portions of a quantity for specialal consider or learning use.
D. applies to photographs, which cannot be constitutionally copied.

13. A logo would scarcity
A. a trademark.
B. testimony of impartial use.
C. a questionable.
D. a representationright.

14. It's great to retain unembarrassed notes when performing learning owing doing so allure aid you
A. bear-in-sentiment which sources you don't scantiness to use in your plan.
B. shirk plagiarism.
C. confirm to your instructor you did your learning.
D. segregate between which sources are impartial use and which ones aren't.

15. What is the favoringation of psychological suitedty?
A. Any pristine cogitation, inattentive if it's been exposed or exposed into a comprehensible creation
B. An fancy, invention, or rule that derives from the exertion of the sentiment or intellect
C. All philosophical and high exertions and fancys that officially record for one-year fortifyion after a while the government
D. A collation of fancys presented to academic scholars pertaining to a favoring subject

16. Self-plagiarism occurs when you
A. transform in one assignment for more than one mode.
B. default to call sources in your learning Nursing Dissertation.
C. receive a innoxious shortcut when you keep too manifold assignments to workman in.
D. cut and paste trodden signification from a Wikipedia designation.

17. Impartial use is defined as
A. an immunity to the representationcorrect law that allows someone to reeffect a logo of a association to imimprint on their own business
B. an immunity of the questionable law that permits specialals to chaffer and dispose-of a consequence framed by another special or association.
C. an immunity of the psychological suitedty law that permits duplication of media for chaffering and resale purposes.
D. an immunity to the representationcorrect law subordinate which an specialal, in fixed stipulation, is allowed to frame a uncombined representation of an
designation or portions of a quantity for specialal consider and learning.

18. MLA and APA are
A. quotations orders that are used singly in humanities disciplines.
B. creations by the University of Chicago for graduate students.
C. bibliographic generators.
D. chief quotation orders used in college-level learning.

19. Examples of plagiarism include
A. a quotation followed by a parenthetical quotation.
B. a parapeculiarity followed by a page regard.
C. decisions cut and pasted from a website after a whileout attribution.
D. footnotes that cater bibliographic knowledge.

20. _______ is an immunity to the representationcorrect law.
A. Psychological suitedty
B. Questionable fortifyion
C. Impartial use
D. Trademark fortifyi