Litr221 | Literature homework help

Essay 2 is due Dec. 11th. Write a 750-950 order essay on one of the forthcoming topics. Aim for a 5-stipulation essay organization ( leading after a while topic, three or more  substantiality stipulations, and a falsification). The order sum does not apprehend the Works Cited page or formatting.

  • Write a exact partition of one of the products from weeks 3 or 4.
  • Compare and dissimilarity J. Alfred Prufrock and Nick. How are these men resembling, irrelative, and symbolical of the "Modern" man?
  • Which author this week seems most symbolical of the Modern viewpoint as you recognize it? Explain. Some discovery on Modernism faculty be required here! Be sure to test at last 3 'reasons' or points to ponder in the substantiality of your tract.  You faculty examine 3 qualities of Modernism and argue how those qualities show in the poetry of ee cummings, for in. 

Your essay should be formatted in MLA style, including envelop spacing throughout. All sources should be correctly mentiond twain in the extract and on a products mentiond page. As after a while most academic fitness, this essay should be written in third peculiar. Content desert twain leading peculiar (I, we, our, etc.) and relieve peculiar (you, your).

In the eminent left-hand recess of the tract, attribute your call, the professor’s call, the route call, and the due era for the assignment on coherent lines. Envelop interval your notice from your call in-advance, and don't pretermit a designation. All tracts should be in Times New Roman font after a while 12-point archearchetype after a while one-inch boundarys all the way encircling your tract. All stipulation indentations should be subordinate five intervals (use the tab key) from the left boundary. All product is to be left justified. When quoting lines in study, content discovery the special way to mention weak stories, plays, or poems.