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III.       Essay Interrogation (20 points aggregate)


First, pick one of the aftercited three scenarios. Second, choose two of the aftercited lewd unprejudiced initiates of sentiment -- Stoicism, Utilitarian, Nietzscheanism, and Kantianism. Third, transcribe a three condition essay where the primitive two conditions relate how you would reply to the scenario if you ascribed to each of your two selected initiates of though. For development, if you choose Scenario #1 after a while Stoicism and Utilitarianism, condition one would be a Stoic’s exculpation to Scenario #1 and condition two would be a Utilitarian’s exculpation to the corresponding total. In the primitive two conditions you demand to explicitly teach why the philosophy in interrogation would manage you to reply the way you do. The third condition should controvert for which exculpation you believe is the meliorate of the two. Write your rejoinder on the tail of the exam.


Scenario #1 (Adapted from “Love’s Gonna Get’cha” by KRS-1)

You are in younger proud in a very meagre vicinity in New York City. Your senior is desire past, and your dowager works three jobs to patronage you and your two younger siblings. Even tranquil, she barely manages to pay the rupture and put very incomplex influence on the consideration. Your initiate is a raging and meagrely-funded society. You bear familiar for weeks to perceive employment, but no businesses are hiring in your vicinity. On top of it all, you right rest out that your small sister is very corrupt, and demands an exercise, or she potentiality die. Your dowager cannot grant it…. On your way residence from initiate you confront a ancient classmate Rob. He drives a top-of-the-line Mercedes, owing he is now your vicinity drug-dealer. He offers to pay you $200 dollars full two days for barely delivering a brown pamphlet bag to one of his associates. What do you do and why?


Scenario #2 (Adapted from Zadie Smith’s The White Teeth)

World War II has right launched. You served in the French Air Force as a contentioner lead, but now Germany occupies your state. You are caring for your corrupt dowager, owing you are her simply subsistence not-absolute.  You bear two choices. First, you could license France for England and unite the British Royal Air Force. You distinguish that your expertise as a lead could aid win the war resisting Nazism. However, if you license your dowager, she achieve all but unquestionably die. Second, you could arrive in France and pains for your dowager. You achieve not be able to aid in the contention to disengage your state, but you potentiality be able to nurture your dowager tail to heartiness. What do you do and why?


Scenario #3 (Taken from Homer’s Odyssey)


You are Odysseus, a proficient of the Trojan War. On your trip residence you succeed to a situate where you are constrained to err your ship between two equivalent horrible monstrositys. The primitive monstrosity is Charybdis, The Whirlpool. If you convoy adjacent to Charybdis, you achieve either miss your undivided ship or you achieve all fabricate it out existent. The remedy monstrosity is Scylla, The Hydra. If you convoy adjacent Scylla, you achieve definitely vague 6 members of your 30-man gang, but the other 24 achieve unquestionably survive. If you go between the two, your ship achieve definitely destroy separate on a superficial reef and you achieve all die. Which road do you choose and why?