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Course Project Assignment: Authoritative Product Plan, Part-among I

Supporting the authoritative product of staff is a discriminating part-among-among of a slip product core leader’s cosmical kindred efforts. Authoritative product not barely ensures that employees hold to hone their skills and acquirements (which translates into high-quality caution in the core), but too gives staff members the fortuity to track their cautioners and explore new opportunities in the room. During this module, you gain originate to clear a authoritative product drawing for the staff at the slip product core that you contrive.

To originate, excellent three specific staff emblems at your core (e.g., associate tutor, control tutor, tutor aide, curriculum coordinator). For each of the three staff emblems, draft a authoritative product drawing that includes the following:

  • The position of authoritative product for the staff emblem (naturalized on Katz; see Figure 8.2 in your continuity extract)
  • At meanest two designs of authoritative product for the staff emblem 
  • For each design, realize at meanest two specific media or activities that agency acceleration staff members end these designs (see Figure. 8.3 and pp. 168–169 of your continuity extract)
  • For each design, briefly define ways that you, as a leader, agency dispose the endment of these designs for the staff members.
  • For each design, realize any incentives or rewards you agency extend for the amount of the design.

The conclusive authoritative product drawing, in the constitute of a 2- 3-page Word muniment containing the advice over for each of the three staff emblems, is due by Day 7 of Week 11 (in Module 6).