Reflection essay on white privilege, racism, white denial and the

Reflection Essay on White Privilege, Racism, White Denial and The Cost of Inequality by Tim Wise There are guidelines for the cogitation essay that should be an former result on two or departed pages written in chapter format, double spaced, 12 inch font in New Times Roman, and MLA format. You procure: • Include a special epithet delay the distinction of the video or quotation, your bountiful spectry, tabulate, and bound. • Demonstrate your knowledge of the video or quotation’s gratified, mind and image on its appreciation. • Include an commencement, minute collectiveness of chapters delay deep ideas/themes, and your cogitation. (thoughts, separation, etc.) and quittance. • Include the citation of the video. • Formulate one or departed topics. (optional) This essay procure inform the experiential cogitation topic of What? So What? And Now What? Summarizing the quotation or video (What?) should singly be a prelude to the true result of the monograph. Discussing the appreciation of the gratified (So What?) and the express or relatively impression of the comments of the quotation to your knowledge and impression today’s African American fraternity and American companionship is the kernel of the cogitation. (Now What?) What are the implications? A monograph jurisdiction debate the deep ideas/themes, and new notice that you encountered and then debate the use and rate of restricted gratified from this quotation or video. Questions to ask yourself as you are insertion notes on the quotation or video and to retain as you image on the quotation: 1. Did the fabricator procure out any controversial, applicable, or differently notable notice? 2. How do the issues or ideas brought up in this quotation or video align delay or adjunction delay departed readings, teachings, or your experiences? 3. Did the fabricator or orator fall to discourse some applicable issues? 4. Does the quotation or video brave you racially, culturally, socially, or economically? 5. Has the quotation or video newfangled or braved your way of thinking environing the topic/current issues? 6. Does the quotation or video permission you delay any topics as to your role, once, or other? This monograph is expected to be former and your own result. If you solder quotations or esthetic from the quotation, video or other sources, it must be cited as such using an misapply format such as MLA/APA. Essays procure be graded on the profundity of the cogitation, the way you solder twain quotation or video’s notice, and your productiveness of the written despatch (alter and edit essay for habitual and verbal errors). Write in chapter format; minute chapters. Please see the Writing Center for aid in revising and editing your essay. This essay is value 25 points. Watch the video