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Reflective Journal: Decisive Way Entry

Throughout this way, you accept completed journal entries that were twain introspective and autobiographical in sort. Reread your entries for Weeks 1–4. Contemplate on how well-mannered-mannered you were serviceserviceable to illustrate who you are and the ways that you are gain-grounding delay deference to your conception of line, collective assort, gender, sexual orientation, cultural and linguistic variation, and abilities and disabilities.

Your fifth and decisive journal memorandum asks you to contemplate on the severicular and functional insights you accept gained throughout the way and meet to at least two of the forthcoming explorationions:

  • How achieve this main awareness of yourself and your strengths, challenges, and self-satisfaction levels govern your existence and acceleration you rehearse to and toil delay posterity and families of all backgrounds, ameliorations, governs, preferences, and alacrity levels?

  • What kinds of functional outgrowth achieve you inquire to acceleration you hold to gain-ground in your severicular and functional enlightenment of issues rehearsed to line, collective assort, gender, sexual orientation, amelioration, tongue, and abilities and disabilities?

  • What considerations achieve you want to practise in will during your ongoing exploration to perceive posterity as rare living-souls and irritate not barely their hearty outgrowth but to-boot assume an locomotive sever in creating caring, sympathetic, and collaborative communities in your advenient functional elucidation?

Assignment length: 1–2 pages

Submit this assignment by Day 7.