Thesis paper 20 pages and powerpoint




The decisive specific disquisition is to be at lowest 15 pages (not including the distinction page, board of contents, unembodied, and regard page), which balance 15 mass pages plus the other required pages.




 You are required, at the very lowest, to accept 10 erudite regards. This balances peer-review chronicle tenets, books, etc., not basic websites or non-erudite tenets.


 The disquisition achieve be graded using Shorter University’s test fitness rubric.





The decisive specific device has divers sections. Students achieve arise delay the aftercited problem:



As I am obstruct to completing my helpmate of comprehension systematize, I movablesuate I am at a crossroads in my walk and vitality. Whither do I go from hither? What do I do next?




The aftercited sections are required:


 Introduction


 Problem Statement (obstacle(s) to your motive)


 Justification of the Problem (expound your bar)


 Elimination the Problem (elimination your bar – what are others maxim encircling your bars?)


 Develop Three Alternatives Including Pros and Cons of Each (resource plans)


 Recommendation (appropriate one from the three resources or your pristine motive)


 Conclusion


 References



Capstone Presentation: You are required to afford your decisive device in a 10-slide, 15-minute affordation in Systematize 8. Your preceptor achieve prepare details, and you achieve be graded using Shorter University’s test affordation rubric. In the incident your systematize is in summer and the overlap week is in movables, the preceptor achieve advance the affordation to Systematize 7 and afford fluctuate production in Moodle Systematize 8.