Management 335 – 6.5 – Case Study Analysis

6. 5 – Case Study AnalysisDueMonday by 11: 59pmPoints100Submittinga text entry box or a file uploadEach case study is an in-depth example that illustrates how prominent businesses and organizations implement the concepts you have just learned. They provide a broader, integrated critical thinking process that will help you to expand and clarify your understanding of the material covered in this module. Case Study ScenarioYou are in the testing phase of a software implementation project. Several team members are confused about their roles and responsibilities during this phase. The team members include you, a business analysis/aspiring project manager, Patrick, a network specialist, Nancy, a business analyst, and Bonnie, another programmer/analyst. Anthony is the project manager, and he has been working closely with managers in other departments to make sure everyone knows what is going on with the project. Task One: Prepare a responsibility assignment matrix based on the following information: The main tasks that need to be done for testing include writing a test plan, unit testing, integration testing, for each of the main system modules, system testing, and user accepting testing. In addition to the project team, there is a team of users’ representatives available to help with testing. Prepare a RACI chart to help clarify roles and responsibilities for these testing tasks. Document key assumptions you make in preparing the chart. Task Two: Several members of the project team are very introverted and strong thinking types, while several members of the user group are very extroverted and strong feeling types. Write a one to two page-paper describing options for resolving this issue. Support your answer with evidence from the textbook or other references.

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