Role of Project Manager

NICMAR ASSIGNMENT ON “ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGERS” SUBMITTED BY: JHA PRAVIN KUMAR JOSHI SOURABH MALANI GOVIND 221071 221074 221094 GUIDED BY: Prof. T. K. GANGULI ACM 22-SECTION 2 NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, PUNE ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGERS Page 1 NICMAR INDEX Contents 1. Introduction 2. Role of Drawing Superintendent 2. 1 Planning 2. 2 Organizing 2. 3 Considereffectual 2. 4 Leading 2. 5 Communicating 2. 6 Cognitive functions 2. 7 Headbrawny superintendence functions 2. 8 Motivational and single crop functions 2. 9 Customer awareness functions 2. 0 Organizational savvy functions 2. 11 Drawing Manager’s Unadministrative Job Duties 3. Conclusion Page no. 3 5 6 6 7 7 7 8 8 8 9 9 9 10 ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGERS Page 2 NICMAR 1. Introduction 1. 1 Drawing A drawing is a partial investigate inferiorsmitten to exhaustive a feature aim. At the most basic smooth, a drawing is in-effect the acceptance to a demand, the discerption to a substance. Further it is a discerption that promises a favor distinctly financial favor. The elementary end for most drawings is to either shape capital or reserve capital, hereafter drawings should be financially pardonable. A drawing is partial in nature; that media that it has a local rouse and shape. A drawing consists of a polite boundd store of slight jobs and ordinarily culminates in the feffectual of an end effect or effects. A drawing is a rare, one era inferiortaking; it yield never inhumemittently be effected complimentaryly the similar way, by the similar tribe, and unordered the similar environment. There yield frequently be some misgiving associated delay the drawing. This misgiving represents imperils to your cappower to shape real artfulnesss and foretell terminations delay noble smooth of assurance. All drawings employ media in the frame of era, capital, materials and labour. 1. 2 Drawing Superintendence Drawing superintendence is the contact of conversance, aptitude, tools and techniques to drawing activities to as drawing modification. The drawing superintendence appoint calls for the feffectual of a slight constituencyal (drawing team), which is repeatedly a microcosm of bulkyr constituency. Once the team has executed desired termination, the appoint then calls for the decommissioning of that slight constituencyal constituency. The drawing frame of constituency yields the superintendent to be sympathetic to: • • • The client and the environment Warrant and rectify substances at an future bound Shape eraly sentences encircling trade-offs betwixt adverse drawing goals ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGERS Page 3 NICMAR • Ensafe that superintendents of the unconnected fruits that contain the drawing do not optimize the act of their special fruits at the outlay of the completion drawing- that is, that they do not suboptimize. 1. 3 Drawing Superintendent A drawing superintendent is usually legal for the prosperity or the deficiency of the drawing. They principal demand to bound the drawing and then elevate its is-sue artfulness. If the opportunity of the drawing is not very intelligible, or the drawing is executing unwell, the superintendent is held ductile. However, this does not neutralize that the superintendent does all the is-sue by himheadbrawny (which is in-occurrence impracticable). There is an perfect team inferior the drawing superintendent, which aids to exhaustive all the externals of the drawing. However, if notpower goes wickedness, the drawing superintendent is so-far ductile. Apart from this, depending on the magnitude and the perplexity of the drawing, they may demand to transfer on multiple roles. The drawing superintendent may demand to back delay gathering office modifications, aid to drawing a basisbase superintendence appoint or may lay drawing documentation. They may is-sue unmeasured era on a bulky drawing, or may is-sue part-era on multitudinous drawings of a slighter nature; or may alternatively touch multitudinous drawings as polite as touch other responsibilities affect office resolution and office crop. At eras, they may own accountcappower but not antecedent. For outgrowth, he or she may be using real media but efficiency not own trodden guide neutralize those media. At such eras, the superintendent efficiency invent real limitations neutralize fruit design, which efficiency not transfer situate as they efficiency own affectd. Not having trodden guide neutralize the declare of finances and finance allocation efficiency creator circumlocution. Drawing superintendents use drawing superintendence software, such as Microsoft Project, to frame their fruits and is-sueforce. These software bundles yield drawing superintendents to result reports and charts in a few minutes, collated to the separate hours it can transfer if they do not use a software bundle. ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGERS Page 4 NICMAR In appoint to be prosperityful, the drawing superintendent must be absorbed subsistence and antecedent by senior superintendence. 2. Role of Drawing Superintendent It is the obligation of drawing superintendent to shape safe that the customer is satisfied and the is-sue opportunity is exhaustived in a attribute fashion, using budget, and on era. The Drawing Superintendent has elementary obligation for providing start in artfulnessning, organizing and guideling the is-sue attempt to end the drawing externals. In other opinion, the drawing superintendent agrees the start to drawing team to end the drawing external. The drawing superintendent coordinates the activities of multitudinous team components to ensafe that they perframe the exact fruits at the fair era, as a cohesive knot. The incongruous roles of drawing superintendent are as follows: • • • • • • • • • • Planning Organizing Considereffectual Leading Communicating Cognitive functions Headbrawny superintendence functions Motivational and single crop functions Customer awareness functions Organizational savvy functions ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGERS Page 5 NICMAR 2. 1 Planning First, the drawing superintendent clfuture bounds the drawing externals and reaches covenant delay the customer on this external. The superintendent then publish this external to the drawing team in such a fashion as to make a reliance of what yield depute prosperityful endment of the external. The drawing superintendent spearheads crop of a artfulness to exhaustive the drawing externals. By involving the drawing team in amplifying this artfulness, the drawing superintendent determines further compendious artfulness than he or she could amplify nondescript. Furthermore, such competition effects the commitment of the team to exhaustive the artfulness. The drawing superintendent re-examinations the artfulness delay the customer to effect endorsement and then sets up the drawing superintendence notice appoint-either manual or computerized-for comparing real proceeding to artfulness proceeding. It’s main that this appoint be explained to the drawing team so that the team can use it fairly to restrain the drawing. 2. 2 Organizing Organizing mingles securing the embezzle media to perframe the is-sue. First, the drawing must flow which fruits should be effected in-house and which fruits should be effected by subcontractors or consultants. For fruits that yield be carried out in-house, the drawing superintendent effects a commitment from the local tribe who yield is-sue on the drawing. For fruits that yield be dischargeed by subcontractors, the drawing superintendent clfuture bounds the is-sue opportunity and deliverables and effects a retrench delay each subcontractor. The drawing superintendent to-boot assigns obligation and delegates’ antecedent to local specials or subcontractors for the multitudinous fruits, delay the inferiorstanding that they yield e ductile for the endment of their fruits unordered the assigned budget and list. For bulky drawings involving abundant specials, the drawing superintendent may drawingate leaders for local knot of fruits. Finally, and most main, the fruit of organizing mingles creating an environment in which the specials are noblely motivated to is-sue unitedly as a drawing team. ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGERS Page 6 NICMAR 2. 3 Considereffectual To guide the drawing, the drawing superintendent implements a superintendence notice appoint drawinged to trail real proceeding and collate it delay artfulnessned proceeding. Such a appoint aids the superintendent dissimilate betwixt busy-ness and endments. Drawing team components mentor the proceeding of their assigned fruits and constantly agree basis on proceeding, list and absorb. These basis are supplemented by methodic drawing re-examination asings. If real proceeding falls subsequently artfulnessned proceeding or sudden equalts befall the drawing superintendent transfers direct resuscitation. He or she obtains input and counsel from team components touching embezzle rectifyive resuscitations and how to reartfulness those tonnage of the drawing. It’s main that substances and equal undisclosed substances, be attested future and resuscitation transfern. The drawing superintendent cannot transfer a “let’s endure and see how things is-sues out” approach- things never is-sues out on their own. He or she must inhumevene and be proactive, resolving substances anteriorly they behove worse. 2. 4 Leading Drawing superintendent inflames crop of a sordid sidearm and reliance to the team components. He should clfuture bound roles, responsibilities and act expectations for all his team components. He uses start mode embezzlely to aspect or place of team crop. He should be effectual to inflame collaboration unordered team components. He should agree intelligible troddenion and priorities to his team components. He should be causative abundance to abstract obstacles that hinder team proceeding, promptness or efficiency. He should advance team competition in substance solving and sentence making as embezzle. He should ignoring merit on to team, and advances their independent representation to higher superintendence. He should yield, advance and leverage the difference unordered the team. 2. 5 Communicating ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGERS Page 7 NICMAR The Drawing Superintendent should be effectual to publish effectively delay all smooths inhumenally and beyond of the constituencys. He should be effectual to effect fairly and effectively delay the customers/subcontractors. He should be effectual to bear conflicts into the unconcealed and restrains it collaboratively and effectively delay the aid of other team components. He should be effectual to effectual to govern delayout relianceing on binding cappower or threats. He should be effectual to bear effects and notice clfuture and concisely, twain in message and orally to all the team components. . 6 Cognitive functions The drawing superintendent should warrant the substance and gathers notice appointatically and follows input from separate sources. He should then reflect a ample place of issues or occurrenceors while solving these substances. For this he collects the embezzle division of basis for the aspect and discusses it delay all the team components anteriorly making a sentence. He then draws complimentary conclusions from imported basis and shapes sentences in an unjaundiced, external fashion using an embezzle appoint. For this appoint of sentence making he inferiorstands the concept of imperil versus revert and shapes sentence pleasantly. 2. 7 Headbrawny superintendence functions The drawing superintendent should be effectual to observe convergence and guide when visaged delay circumlocution and misgiving and should be effectual to profession density unordered principles, values and comportment. He should be modifipotent and pertinacious in the visage of hurry, obstacle, constraints, or calamity. Being the gathering of the drawing he should restrain implementations effectively and should yield as someone “who gets things effected. He should unintermittently follow feedbacks from the team components and disagree his comportment pleasantly. He should transfer keen profit in scholarship and headbrawny crop opportunities. 2. 8 Motivational and single crop functions Drawing superintendent should reflect special aptitudes, values and profit of all his team components when assigning or delegating fruits to them. He should yield team ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGERS Page 8 NICMAR components an embezzle quantity of insubservience to do the job. He should complimentaryly access special force and crop demands of his team components to exhaustive the is-sue effectively. He should unintermittently extend opportunities for single and administrative enlargement to his team components. He should arplace for trailing program and unintermittently follows subsistence to his team component when demanded. He should ignoring merit on to the specials and advance their independent representation to higher superintendence. He should confer eraly, local and circumstantial feedback to all his team components. 2. 9 Customer awareness functions Drawing superintendent should be effectual to foretaste customer’s demands effectively and proactively endeavors to convince them. He should be effectual to complimentaryly inhumepret the customer’s verbalized wants into what they in-effect demands. He should be effectual to inferiorstand customers and their office and actively elevate and observe brawny customer inhumecommunitys. He should inferiorstand customer’s issues, concerns and queries and try to counteract them effectively. He should actively endeavor to exceed customer expectations. 2. 10 Organizational savvy functions Drawing superintendent should mingle the exact tribe at the exact era for a feature job. Understands, accepts and fairly uses cappower and govern in inhumecommunitys. He should elevate and leverage frameal and inexact networks to get things effected. He should comprehend the sidearm, constituency and functions of the constituencys and others. He should inferiorstand profitcappower and unconcealed superintendence philosophy. He neutralize profits and demands of team/drawing delay those of the ampleer constituency. 2. 11 Drawing Manager’s Unadministrative Job Duties The authoritative competencies listed over represents administrative duties of the usual drawing superintendent. In occurrence, if constituency has amplifyed a job style for drawing superintendents, it probably includes abundant of these authoritative competencies. What we won’t invent in job style are the unadministrative duties that Drawing Managers perframe in the mode of carrying out their sidearm. Let’s perpend some of the key ones: ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGERS Page 9 NICMAR Babysitter: This refers to the plain demand to agree delay control or constructive instructions to real specials. This aspect results from any compute of spring creators. The target may be inferior adapted, nonmessage of assurance or singly cry study. Salesperson: There yield be eras when they yield own to lean heavily on their cappower to govern thers to dispose-of an effect, dispose-of themselves or perchance dispose-of the virtues of Drawing Management. Most of the dispose-ofing aspects yield be aidful and own independent terminations. However if he invent himheadbrawny spending too plenteous era dispose-ofing Drawing Management, they may distinguished deeper inferiorline substances such as issues of reliance or assurance. If most of the dispose-ofing he does to his superintendence, he is in trouble; this is a distinguished that singularity as a drawing superintendent may be exceptionally challenging. Teacher: This is an outenlargement of an unadministrative role that in-effect yields independent roles. In occurrence, better drawing superintendents yield be effectual to teach and amplify those they is-sue delay as they restrain the drawing. Friend: Maintaining affection and administrative inhumecommunity delay the similar tribe is involved. However if they can do it they yield favor greatly. An unconcealed, inexact and comforteffectual message linkage is plenteous further affectly to obey them replete delay further of the notice they demand than frameal, unfeeling and obstinate team asings. Finally shirk the stratagem of polished that he is been put in direct of a drawing so he has vertical over his peers and affection no longer matters. . Conclusion “The Drawing Superintendent is a key constituent in the prosperity of a Project. In analysis to providing start in artfulnessning, organizing and guideling the Project, the superintendent should bear a set of aptitudes that yield twain inhale the drawing team to yield and win the assurance of the customer. Effective Drawing Managers own brawny start capability, the cappower to amplify tribe, meritorious message aptitudes, good-tempered-tempered inhume single aptitudes, the cappower to touch emphasis, substance solving aptitudes and era superintendence aptitudes”. ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGERS Page 10