Math Mat 201-Continuing With The Data You Collected

Question #3••••••Continuing with the data you collected in the Module 1 SLP, write a paper (1–3 pages) includingall of the following content: Include your data from Module 1. Create a frequency distribution table for your data. You can use Excel or Word. Calculate the standard deviation. Calculate the variance. Is this a normal distribution? How do you know?What are the implications?Submit your paper at the end of Module 3. SLP Assignment ExpectationsAnswer all questions posted in the instructions. Use information from the modular backgroundreadings and videos as well as any good-quality resource you can find. Cite all sources in APAstyle and include a reference list at the end of your paper. Note about page length: Your ability to clearly articulate and explain these concepts is beingassessed. The page length is a general guideline. A 3- or 4-page paper does not necessarilyguarantee a grade of “A. ” An “A” paper would include detailed information and explanations ofall the assignment requirements listed above. The letter grade will be based upon demonstratedmastery of the content and ability to articulate and apply the concepts in the assignment. Keepthis in mind while writing your paper.

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