Assignment 1: lasa 2: the apportionment problem

You are a census official in a newly popular commonwealth and you enjoy been teeming delay using the census basis from the board beneath to designate how 100 conclaveional seats should be separated floating the 10 narrates of the combination.

                State       Population

                1              15475

                2              35644

                3              98756

                4              88346

                5              369

                6              85663

                7              43427

                8              84311

                9              54730

                10           25467



Being a fan of United States narrative, you are common delay the manifold manners of piece applied to this completion to conclude beautiful fidelity in the US House of Representative. You flow that piece (section 11, sections 1-4 in your textbook) is the best access to solving this completion, but demand to collate diverse manners and then designate which is actually beautiful.


1.       Using the Hamilton manner of piece, designate the estimate of seats each narrate should accept.


2.       Using the estimates you fitting congenial from applying the Hamilton manner, designate the middle delegate for each narrate. Explain your firmness making order for allocating the cherishing seats.


3.       Calculate the despotic and referring-to fraud of this piece.


4.       Explain how changes in narrate boundaries or populations could move the adjust of fidelity in this conclave. Provide an development using the results over.


5.       How and why could an Alabama Paradox appear?


6.       Explain how applying the Huntington-Hill piece manner helps to forsake an Alabama Paradox.


7.       Based upon your knowledge in solving this completion, do you reach piece is the best way to conclude beautiful fidelity? Be indisputable to maintenance your repartee.


8.       Suggest another policy that could be applied to conclude beautiful fidelity either using piece manners or a manner of your choosing.