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Practice enhancement up direct programming types for calling applications 


Select an even-numbered LP substance from the citation, excepting 14, 20, 22, 36 (which are dissect of your homework assignment). Formulate a direct programming type for the substance you prime.

Problem 12


Betty Malloy, proprietor of the Eagle Inn in Pittsburgh, is preparing for Super Bowl Sunday, and she must indicate how considerable beer to fund. Betty funds three marks of beer


- Yodel, Shotz, and Rainwater. The absorb per gallon (to the inn proprietor) of each mark is as follows :     


Brand                          Cost/Gallon


Yodel                          $1.50


Shotz                           $0.90


Rainwater                    $0.50


The inn has a budget of $2,000 for beer for Super Bowl Sunday. Betty sells Yodel at a admonish of $3.00 per gallon, Shotz at $2.50 per gallon, and Rainwater at $1.75 per gallon. Based on spent football games, Betty has decided the climax customer require to be 400 gallons of Yodel, 500 gallons of Shotz, and 300 gallons of Rainwater. The inn has the talents to fund 1,000 gallons of beer; Betty wants to fund up fully. Betty wants to indicate the compute of gallons of each mark of beer to prescribe so as to maximize avail.                                                  


a. Formulate a direct programming type for this substance.