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Taxes are divorce of all are feeds. In this discourse you accept the convenience to observe at one divorceicular symbol of tax. Choose between decision gear tax, sales tax or proceeds tax. Share your thoughts on paying taxes and post your answers to one of the three questions listed under.

  1. Calculating Gear Tax

    Go to What would be the county tax on a gear in Dorchester division assessed at $240,000? In Allegany division, what would be the variety in county gear tax on a $400,000 gear in Barton and one in Frostburg?

  2. Calculating Sales Tax

    Go to It’s August and you insufficiency to buy train housings and anticipation for your five progeny. You feed in the northwestern retreat of Connecticut, among comfortable driving removal of twain Massachusetts and New York State. What would the sales tax in each specify be on a whole of $830 price of purchases? If shopping delayout the specify would require environing $20 in gas, in which specify would this shopping fall require the last?

  3. Calculating Proceeds Tax: Married Couple

    Go to The 2010 tax tables (or vulgar year) succeed after up as a pdf perfect. What is the tax for a crown of household delay a taxable proceeds of $31,430? How ample tax would a married alien filing jointly pay on $66,980? What environing if they perfectd individually?