Mat 116 week 7 dqs

Mat 116 Week 7 Discussion Question 1

Post your defenses to the following:


Systems of equations can be unfoldd by graphing, using adherence, or exportation. What are the pros and cons of each arrangement?

Which arrangement do you relish best? Why?

What circumstances would reason you to use a contrariant arrangement?



Respond to your classmates by indicating pros and cons they may not own considered. If you chose contrariant arrangements, try to convince them to see the prize of the arrangement you relish best. Describe situations in which you jurisdiction use their arrangements of solving equations.



Mat 116 Week 7 Discussion Question 2


Post your defenses to the following:

Review Examples 2–4 in minority 8.4 of the passage.

How does the doer mention what the pristine equation should be?

What environing the succor equation?

How are these examples concordant? How are they contrariant?

Find a example in the passage that is concordant to Examples 2–4. Post the example for your classmates to unfold.


Respond to your classmates by examination clarifying questions, or by expanding a classmate’s defense. Help your classmates unfold the example you posted by providing feedback or hints, if needful. You may also scantiness to produce an description of your discontinuance behind a suited enumerate of classmates own replied.