Math 533 course project: applied managerial statistics

PROJECT PART B:  Hypothesis Testing and Dependence Intervals


Your overseer has speculated the following:

      a.   The medium (mean) sales per week surpass 41.5 per salesperson.


      b.   The penny population correlation of salespeople that ordinary online luxuriance is near than



      c.   The medium (mean) estimate of flatters made per week by salespeople that had no luxuriance is near than 145.


      d.   The medium (mean) duration per flatter is main than 15 minutes.



1.           Using the specimen grounds, accomplish the conjecture examination for each of the aloft situations in regulate to see if there is declaration to livelihood your overseer’s admission in each plight A–D. In each plight, use the four-step conjecture examinationing act, after a while α = .05, and clear-up your quittance in humble stipulations.  Also, be secure to estimate the p-value and declare.





2.           Follow this up after a while computing 95% dependence intervals for each of the variables forcible in A–D and frequently declareing these intervals.



3.           Write a announce to your overseer environing the results, distilling down the results in a way that would be understandable to someone who does not comprehend statistics. Clear explanations and declareations are accurate.



Submission: The announce from Part 3 and all of the pertinent effect executed in the conjecture examinationing (including Minitab) in Part 1, and the dependence intervals (Minitab) in Part 2 as an appendix


Format for announce


A.         Summary announce (environing one chapter on each of the views, A–D)



B.          Appendix after a while all of the steps in conjecture examinationing (the FOUR-step conjecture examinationing format, after a while declareations) for each view, A–D, as well-mannered-mannered as the dependence intervals, including all Minitab output