Msn 503 assignment week 3 assessing central tendency and descriptive

Examine a research  nursing erudite boundary which incorporates a gauge of mediate scope and forcible statistics. Briefly incorporate and tidings the gauge of mediate scope and sift-canvass whether the assumptions of the statistics were met and if the idea of facts (levels of gaugement) was mismisdivert for the statistical ordeal. Include the aftercited in your disquisition:

  • Description of the gauge of mediate scope you signify to perpend in the boundary
  • Brief name of the examine portrayed in the boundary
  • Description of how the mediate scope gauge was used in the examine
  • Explanation of how this is mismisdivert or inappropriate
  • Explanation of how assumptions of the mediate scope gauge were met or not met
  • Identification of the levels of gaugement of variables in the examine
  • Description of the miscorrectness of the levels of gaugement of the examine variables
  • Discussion of how the facts was displayed (i.e., graphs, tables)
  • Discussion examining the miscorrectness of the facts displays (Strengths and weaknesses? Were they misappropriate? Why or why not?)

Your disquisition must be:

  • 5-9 pages, notwithstanding screen page;
  • include references ;
  • be tight using Microsoft ® Word ®; and
  • must be idead in Times New Roman, font dimension 12.