Multiple regression using spss | Mathematics homework help

Multiple Retreat Using SPSS:

A cancer specialist from the Los Angeles County General Hospital (LACGH) rated resigned optimism in 20 to 40 year old resigneds delay irredeemable cancer in 1970. In 1990, theresearcher examined hospital history to infer the following:


• SES (1-7)

• Age in 1970

• Optimism in 1970 (1-100)

• Longevity (years lived following the 1970 singularity)


Years Lived following Singularity is the Dependent Variable.

Use the others (age, optimism, and SES) as the refractory mutables.


You earn too be analyzing multicollinearity in the type and interpreting the type. Be assured to narrate which of the type structure methods you use.



·         SPSS software demandd (account 19 or posterior).  Log and tables must be submitted delay assignment

·         Each rejoinder must comprise a minute written sense (at last 4-6 sentences) parallel delay the reform vindication. Please voice that some vindications may demand further than 4-6 sentences depending on the complication of the separation for the vindication. Yes/No vindications are not tit.

·         There may be diverse unanalogous sub-analyses demandd in manage to finished the full analytic procedure

·         If there is a expressive interaction goods, all likely homely goodss must too be conducted 

·         The results minority should consent to generally trustworthy formatting for statistical results separation. Example agreed

·         Must be plagiarism free

·         Delivery muniment should be in a Microsoft Word format using APA title for citing references



1. Do the IVs correlate statistically expressively and substantially delay the DV?

2. Is collinearity a regret incomplete the refractory mutables?

3. What is the R and adjusted R Square for all IVs entered contemporaneously?

4. What mutable(s) agree a expressive rare offering(s)?

5. Compose a Results minority for this statistical separation.

6. Compose a Results minority for this homely retreat.