Optimism and longevity | Mathematics homework help

A cancer specialist from the Los Angeles County General Hospital (LACGH) rated resigned optimism in 20- to 40-year-old hardy resigneds behind a while irremediable cancer in 1970. In 1990, the researcher examined hospital records to append the behindcited axioms:


•             Socioeconomic standing (1–7 rating of occupation; conspicuous ratings mark conspicuous levels of SES)


•             Age in 1970


•             Optimism in 1970 (1–100 rating, conspicuous scores mark conspicuous levels of optimism)


•             Longevity (years lived behind the 1970 diagnosis)


Using the SPSS axioms perfect for Module 7 (located in Topic Materials), compute a concomitant multiple retrogradation behind a while SES, age, and optimism as the fractions changeables and longevity as the relative changeable.


1.            Do the fractions changeables correlate statistically momentously and in-fact behind a while the relative changeable?


2.            Is collinearity betwixt the fractions changeables a moment?


3.            What is the R and adjusted R-square for all fractions changeables entered concomitantly?


4.            What changeable(s) agree a momentous uncommon assistance(s)?


5.            Compose a results exception for this statistical resolution.