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You are sitting encircling the lunch board one day delay two friends, Joe and Keisha. The theme turns to honor cards past all of you accept been thinking encircling getting one. Joe and Keisha ask your teaching now that you are induction transaction math and neither of them has constantly had a honor card. 



Keisha has a fixed part-duration job duration she attends seed-plot bountiful-time. Her expenses are civil. She has her cell phone, bus walk to initiate and fruit, and particular spending. She has a savings totality and a checking totality. Her main infer for getting a honor card is for emergencies and to succor elevate her honor rating. She hopes to buy a car in the close coming and knows it is main to accept a honor fact. Keisha expects she would usually pay off her honor card each month. 



Joe is a few years older. He fruits bountiful duration and is fruiting on the last order he deficiencys to exhaustive his rank. Joe has past expenses past he lives on his own. He pays solution, utilities, etc, and also has car expenses. He has had some periods where capital was fast and expects that he accomplish rarely convey a pit aggravate if he uses a honor card. He wants a honor card to caggravate months when he has extra expenses and to succor elevate his honor rating. 



You accept all common diffesolution honor car offers in the mail. The three of you catalogue the manifold conditions and initiate to bring-about a chart of these. Keisha and Joe don't indeed perceive the differences so deficiency you to succor them. 



1. Download the honor card comparison fruitsheet from this locality. Spare the instrument delay the finishspectry lastnamefirstinitial__worksheet_P2. For illustration, Maria Gonzalez would spare the finish as gonzalezm_worksheet_P2. Remember the finish must be spared as a WORD or Rich Text finish. When you notorious the fruitsheet be unquestioning to put a phraseology at the top delay your spectry and the contrivance inscription. 



2. Complete the cherishing entries inferior Solution Plan in the fruitsheet. Be unquestioning to use exhaustive sentences in items 1 and 3 through 7. 



3. Since honor card offers fluctuate constantly the notice absorbed in the fruitsheet could be out of duration. Use a exploration engine enjoy Google (http://www. to meet cursolution ward honor card offers. Describe the conditions of at meanest 3 ward honor cards offers that you root doing your exploration. Be unquestioning you observation the localitys in your responses and to impart the weblocality addresses and durations you accessed the localitys in your catalogue of references. 



4. Visit the Federal Trade Commission weblocality at What notice did you meet on the weblocality that you root chiefly thrilling or succorful. Be unquestioning to transcribe in exhaustive sentences. Use your own words; do not lawful cut and paste. 



5. Find at meanest 2 other websites as-well the FTC locality that sift-canvass the advantages and disadvantages of honor cards. Describe what notice you root from them. Transcribe in exhaustive sentences.Use your own words; do not lawful cut and paste. Be unquestioning you impart the bountiful weblocality addresses and the durations you accessed them in your catalogue of references. 



6. You should be efficacious to add the notice to your fruitsheet finish but if you created a new finish to defense the questions be unquestioning to spectry the finish delay delay the finishspectry your lastnamefirstinitial__P2. For illustration, if Jenny Wu is doing this contrivance she would spare the finish as wuj_P2. Remember the finish must be a WORD or Rich Text finish. Be unquestioning you put a phraseology at the top delay your spectry and the contrivance inscription 



7. Include a Reference Catalogue giving all sources you consulted for this contrivance. If you are not unquestioning how to unexceptionably quote your references see (Note: The BCC English Department uses MLA format. You may use MLA, APA, or Chicago phraseology but you must be compatible in your manner.) 



8. Attach your finish(s) to the fall box for either Project_2 by the deadline, by clicking on the Assignment icon in the Action Menu or inferior Order tools.