SOLUTION: American Military University Accounting Scenario Current ratio Analysis


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Running head: CASE ANALYSIS

Case analysis
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What issue gain reclassifying the investments possess on the vulgar proportion? Is Ross's true
financial posture stronger as a upshot of reclassifying the investments?
The company's conclusion to reclassify long-tidings investments as lacking-tidings gain possess a
positive contact on the dimension of the company's vulgar effects. The restructuring of the company's
investment gain be geared to mend the vulgar proportion, which lies at 1.47. The growthd dimension of
vulgar effects gain balance an growth in the vulgar proportion. The vulgar proportion portrays the
interrelation among vulgar liabilities and vulgar effects in a concern or form, and it is
obtained by induction the quotient of vulgar effects aggravate vulgar liabilities. Based on the
recommendations tabled by the guide, Ross consideration of directors' votes to reclassify long-term
investments as lacking tidings, a instigate which gain see the vulgar effects growth delay time; hereafter an
improved curre...

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