SOLUTION: BAMA 1101 Higher College of Technology Business Mathematics Final Exam Questions

HIGHER COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT: BUSINESS STUDIES Final Examination: Assignment Based Assessment Semester: II A. Y.: 2019 / 2020 Start Date: Friday, 29 May Time: 03.00 PM Due Date: Sunday, 31 May Time: 03.00 PM Student Name Student ID Specialization Section 01 to 11 Level DIPLOMA FIRST YEAR Course Name BUSINESS MATHEMATICS Course Code BAMA1101 For authoritative Use Only Question No. Max. Marks 1 Obtained Marks Question No. Max. Marks 5 1 5 2 5 2 5 3 5 3 5 4 5 4 5 5 5 5 5 6 5 6 5 7 5 7 5 8 5 8 5 9 5 9 5 10 5 10 5 Grand Sum Marks 50 Obtained Marks 50 First Marker: Second Marker: Date: Date: 1|P a g e HCTBUSDEPTAY2019-20SEM-II HCTBUSDEPT AY2019-20SEM-II HCTBUSDEPT AY2019-20SEM-II Guidelines for Students to Acquiesce the Assignment: 1) The conclusive duty for semester 2, 2019-20 obtain be performed through general assignment for a acme of 50 symptoms. The list of the conclusive duty is serviceable in the garden website. 2) All the students are expected to sanction simply one assignment at one opportunity. In circumstance, if the students sanction over than one assignment on the selfselfsimilar day, gladden tidings to the exam committee through the subappended mail id. as quickly as feasible. 3) All students are ardent 48 hours to finished and acquiesce each assignment from the day, limit and opportunity the assignment is uploaded. Students are advised not to halt cultivate the developed weight of the deadline to acquiesce the assignment. 4) The students can inhibit the assignment anyopportunity and any calculate of opportunitys from the fissure of the assignment. The solution to the assignment insufficiency to be uploaded in e-learning amid 48 hours. 5) The solution to the assignment can be uploaded simply one opportunity. No requests for remeekness of the assignment obtain be astonished. 6) The students may apposition the subappended mail Ids if they aspect any difficulties occasion connected to conclusive assignment. For Academic connected stay : Business Courses For Technical Writing 1 For Technical Writing 2 For Technical Communication For issues connected to e-mail accounts and Microsoft Teams Any issues connected to E-Learning Moodle 2|P a g e HCTBUSDEPTAY2019-20SEM-II HCTBUSDEPT AY2019-20SEM-II HCTBUSDEPT AY2019-20SEM-II Any other IT Troubleshooting 7) Students may apposition their appertaining lecturer through garden email (amid the 48-hour time given) if they sanction any doubts and clarifications on the assignments. 8) Students should be conscious that this assignment is an dogged duty. Students are not undisputed to get succor from any other idiosyncratic during the duty time. 9) Students assignment obtain be inhibited for plagiarism through Turnitin software. This assignment obtain be assessed as per the Garden Duty Policy. Student obtain be investigated in circumstance of plagiarism as per the Garden prudence and procedures. The acme desirable homogeneousness protest is 25%. 10) In circumstance the students aspect any technical issues touching the meekness of assignment, the solution to the assignment can be mailed to the disturbed lecturer amid the 48-hour time using garden email. 11) Any assignment acquiesceted prospering the 48-hour time obtain not be considered for evaluation. 12) The assignment should be acquiesceted simply delay the smooth in MS Word instrument. No other format is desirable at all (e.g. pictures, JPEG, PDF, etc). 13) The students insufficiency to solution the assignment in the prescribed calculate of control as mentioned in the assignment. 14) The students insufficiency to prosper the subappended format occasion preparing the assignment : Font Style: Times New Roman Font Size: 12 apex for association and 14 apex for Headings Line Spacing: 1.5 Margin: 2.54cm (One inch) on all the sides Page Calculate : At the deep lawful index recess of each page Colour: All control should be in sombre colour 15) Students who obtain miss to acquiesce their assignment as per the deadline ardent are required to fabricate an online resort along delay the strong excuses as the guidelines which obtain be announced through the garden website or e-learning gateway amid three days from the limit of meekness deadline. 3|P a g e HCTBUSDEPTAY2019-20SEM-II HCTBUSDEPT AY2019-20SEM-II HCTBUSDEPT AY2019-20SEM-II ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS, SHOW ALL CALCULATIONS, WORKING NOTES AND EXPLANATION (EACH QUESTION WILL CARRY 05 MARKS) Q1: Ms. Maryam Al Rawabi had a sum of currency and she unwavering this currency to distribute among Abdul, Ibrahim and Maria in the consortment 2:3:5. a) If Maria got 750 OMR, how abundantly sum Abdul and Ibrahim obtain use? (02 Marks) b) If Ibrahim gets 150 OMR, how abundantly sum Maria and Abdul obtain use? (02 Marks) c) If the consortment is 1:1:1, argue how abundantly currency each obtain get? (01 Mark) Q2: Mr. Mohammed is zealous to buy the new Samsung sensitive phone. Extra Electronics sells Samsung sensitive phones which is notable up at 40% on the require charge and also exhibits a allowance of 30% on the dispose-ofing charge. a) If Mohammed buys that Samsung sensitive phone, Find the benefit-service or dropping (in percentage) made by Extra Electronics. b) What obtain bechance if the dispose-ofer doesn’t symptom up the charge? Argue in brief (3+2=5 Marks) Q3: Oman Manufacturing Gang a indexicraft manufacturer printed the charge of its pi as RO 120 per indexicraft. Manufacturer undisputed a allowance of 30% to the wholesaler who in his hinge undisputed a allowance of 20% on the printed charge to the retailer. If the prescribed scold of VAT on the pi is 15% and the retailer dispose-ofs it to the consumer at the printed charge then: a) Find the esteem ascititious tax hired by the wholesaler and the retailer. b) Find the charge including esteem ascititious tax hired by the customer to buy the indexicraft. c) Find the sum of tax self-possessed by the synod from wholesaler and retailer. d) If wholesaler had sold the fruit at printed charge to retailer and no allowance has been offered, retailer would sanction made over benefit-service?. Argue delay reasons (1+2+1+1= 5 Marks) 4|P a g e HCTBUSDEPTAY2019-20SEM-II HCTBUSDEPT AY2019-20SEM-II HCTBUSDEPT AY2019-20SEM-II Q4: Mr. Iqbal Al Hinai exertions in Alibaba Digital Store, Muscat. He is hired 4.5 OMR per hour. Ms. Rawan exertions in Omantel Retail Store and she is hired 5 OMR per hour and twain of them are desirable for overopportunity (time-and-a-half pay). Twain are reckoned to exertion reserve 7 hours per day and 35 hours per week. If they exertion near than 7 hrs per day or 35 hrs per week, they obtain be hired 4 OMR per hour for that week. Last month Mr. Iqbal exertioned for 37 hrs, 38 hrs 41 hrs and 32 hrs per week occasion Ms. Rawan worked for 34 hrs, 32 hrs, 31 hrs and 35 hrs per week. a) How abundantly outrageous pay Mr. Iqbal and Ms. Rawan would use for the developed month? b) If Ms. Rawan had been hired monthly compensation, she would sanction earned over. Surrender reasons to your solution. (4+1=5 Marks) Q5: Oman Flour mills purchased an equipment and it obtain be depreciated in such a way that the esteem of equipment at the end of any year is 90% of the esteem at the rise of the year. The objective require of the muniment is OMR 20,000. a) What obtain be the portion esteem of the equipment if the estimated conducive history of the equipment is 6 years? b) Aftercited 6 years, the gang got an exhibit to dispose-of the portion at a esteem of OMR 8,000. Shall gang sanction the exhibit? Argue and surrender reasons to your solution. (3+2=5 Marks) Q6: In the year 2020 you sanction finishedd your tier delay HRM specialization from HCT College and appended as an adheschism in the province of HRM in Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) delay a compensation of OMR 1650 per month. As per the PDO norms you obtain be repaird from your trade in the year 2060. In appoint to direct a honest and certain history prospering your retirement, it is estimated that you should insufficiency a currency estimate of OMR 200,000. a) How abundantly currency do you insufficiency to protection now, if currency compounds monthly at 8% concern scold? b) How abundantly you insufficiency to protection if your capability is OMR 250,000 and you repair in the year 2065? (3+2=5 Marks) 5|P a g e HCTBUSDEPTAY2019-20SEM-II HCTBUSDEPT AY2019-20SEM-II HCTBUSDEPT AY2019-20SEM-II Q7: Mr. Yonus had a sum of currency and he wants to embrace them in a time of 5 ½ years. He approached multifarious banks and each bank is exhibiting contrariant concern scolds to fabricate that sum double. The concern scolds exhibited by multitudinous banks are Bank Muscat 25%, National Bank of Oman 10%, Oman Arab Bank 15% and HSBC 20%. a) At what scold of single concern the sum obtain be embraced as per your anticipation? b) Which bank concern scold is matching delay your anticipation? c) Considering the give bank concern scold, how multifarious years it obtain use to embrace your amount? Argue delay reason (3+1+1=5 Marks) Q8: Goodobtain Electronics Company, a sensitive nag manufacturing gang manufactures 4000 nags per month and gang incurs representative require RO 5 per item, require of drudge RO 3 per item and other manufacturing overheads RO 2 per item. Goodobtain electronics pays RO 2000 per month as a schism. Gang adds 20% benefit-service on sum require and distributes the nags to retailers. a) What would be the sum require of unresisting 4000 nags? b) Al Maha Retail Stores recently bought 4000 nags from the Goodobtain Electronics. How abundantly sum Al Maha Retail Store hired to buy the 4000 nags? c) What would be the components of other manufacturing overheads? Describe delay examples (3+1+1=5 Marks) 6|P a g e HCTBUSDEPTAY2019-20SEM-II HCTBUSDEPT AY2019-20SEM-II HCTBUSDEPT AY2019-20SEM-II Q9: Mr. Jasem has 30 income, 18 of them are apples and 12 are oranges. His companion Waseem has 20 income and Mohammed has 30 income, all of them are either apples or oranges. Assume that the consortment of the apples to oranges is the selfselfsimilar for Mohammed, Jasem and Waseem. (5Q*1M= 5 Marks) a) Find the calculate of oranges delay Waseem and Mohammed b) Find sum calculate of Apples delay all 03 companions (Jasem, Waseem and Mohammed) c) Find how multifarious over oranges Jasem has than Waseem. d) If consortment of apples to oranges is 2:1, how multifarious apples Jasem obtain sanction? e) If Jasem wants to dispose-of all the income at 60 OMR, what would be dispose-ofing charge of 01 apple? Q10: Gulf Mushroom Products Gang purchased a muniment for OMR 10,000 for which slander obtain be measured as per powerless estimate course (WDV). Slander is calculated at 8% per annum for primary 3 years and prospering that due to diversify in the accounting standards the scold of slander is diversifyd to 10% per annum for instant 2 years. a) What obtain be the compass esteem of the muniment prospering 5 years b) The accounts province conscious you that compass esteem of the muniment prospering 5 years obtain be OMR 4,000. Do you consort delay the esteem restricted by accounting province? c) Is slander good-tempered-tempered or bad for the trade? Argue delay reasons (3+1+1=5 Marks) 7|P a g e HCTBUSDEPTAY2019-20SEM-II HCTBUSDEPT AY2019-20SEM-II HCTBUSDEPT AY2019-20SEM-II ...
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