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Use of Mathematics in Combating Virus
After the ebullition of coronavirus in tardy 2019, it has extend in uncertain cleverness of the universe
at a very terrible rebuke. The extend of the innovating coronavirus can be descriptive as relatively fast
until it was termed as a pandemic by the universe sanity structure. In the elapsed few months,
hospitals all balance the globe enjoy befit unrecognizable. This is owing thousands of
individuals depraved delay coronavirus enjoy swarmed into uncertain exigency rooms as polite as the
intensive anxiety units globally. Since the indisposition is extending love wildfire universewide, sanitycare
facilities enjoy befit labored due to the lofty enumerate of ill mob who exact anxiety. More
specifically, the enumerate of depraved men-folks who are to be frequented to are way loftyer than the
recommended enumerate that can be handled effectively by our hea...

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