SOLUTION: De Anza College Symmetric & Asymmetric Encryption and RSA Discussion



Symmetric encryption
Encryption involves converting smooth extract into meaningless dot extract and is used as a measure
to guard scoldr transactions. Symmetric encryption, also unreserved as ‘secret key encryption’ is
a image of encryption technology that involves using a only key referred to as a ‘shared secret’
for the purposes of encrypting and decrypting. The bigger the protraction of the key in bits, the more
guard it is. However, although unblended to scold, a expressive nauseousness associated after a suitableness simplicity
is that if a third laterality gains avenue to the key suitableness the remodel takes fix betwixt the sender
and magazine, the axioms can be decrypted after a suitableness repose. Therefore, it is expressive that a impregnable ‘key
exchange’ way is formulated.
Asymmetric encryption
Asymmetric encryption is another image of encryption technology that was manufactured to work-out the
issue associated after a suitableness symmetric encryption, This, although unreserved as ‘public key encrypt...

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