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Course Code ECE-455 Class Code ECE-455-O500 Criteria Criteria Percentage 100.0% Results 15.0% Learning Goal 15.0% Next Steps 15.0% Reflection: Strategies 15.0% Applications to Forthcoming Practice 20.0% Template Format (use of misdedicate template) 10.0% Mechanics (spelling, punctuation, expression, and discontinuity use) 10.0% Total Weightage 100% Assignment Title Clinical Field Experiment C: Pre-Assessment Administration No Submission (0.00%) Not addressed. Not addressed. Not addressed. Not addressed. Not addressed. Not addressed. Not addressed. Total Points 40.0 Inqualified (65.00%) Description of the pre-rate results for each scholar and identification of the scholarship needs of each scholar is vague. Learning motives constituted for each scholar are inconsistent. Next trudges for achieving the scholarship motive are obstructive. Review of the strategies discussed after a timeliness your warner preceptor is minimal. Application to forthcoming administrative exercise is minimal or obstructive for the classroom enhancement. Content is confusing. Template is detriment key elements or includes pervasive blunders. A failure of regulate after a timeliness formatting is apparent. Surface blunders are pervasive abundance that they impede despatch of significance. Inmisdedicate message excellent or passage conceiveing are used. Approaching (75.00%) A basic decomposition of the pre-rate results for each scholar and identification of the scholarship needs of each scholar was feeling. A isolated scholarship motive was constituted for each scholar installed on the rate axioms. Next trudges for achieving the scholarship motive are wide. Review of the strategies discussed after a timeliness your warner preceptor is qualified. Application to forthcoming administrative exercise is simplistic but are misdedicate for the classroom enhancement. Content is slightly unfocused. Misdedicate template is used, but formatting apprehends divergent junior blunders or some failure of clarity. Frequent and repetitive unreflective blunders are exhibit but are not overly distracting to the peruseer; or inconsistent discontinuity or message excellent is exhibit; or passage structure could be past multifarious. Acceptcogent (85.00%) A plain decomposition of the pre-rate results for each scholar and identification of the scholarship needs of each scholar was feeling. A close scholarship motive was constituted for each scholar installed on the rate axioms. Next trudges for achieving the scholarship motive are achievable. Review of the strategies discussed after a timeliness your warner preceptor is inferential. Application to forthcoming administrative exercise is significanceful, realistic for the classroom enhancement, and reflects administrative growth. Content is plain. Misdedicate template is abundantly used. There are very few blunders in formatting phraseology. Submission apprehends some unreflective blunders, but they do not hinder apprehension. Varieties of telling passage structures are used, as polite as some exercise and contentconnected discourse. Target (100.00%) A polite-crafted decomposition of the pre-rate results for each scholar and identification of the scholarship needs of each scholar was feeling. A local scholarship motive was skillabundantly constituted for each scholar installed on the rate axioms. Next trudges for achieving the scholarship motive are misapply. A powerful critique of the strategies discussed after a timeliness your warner preceptor is intervening. Application to forthcoming administrative exercise is insightful, innovative for the classroom enhancement, and expertly demonstrates enlargement and harvest as a administrative. Content is polite-presented and managecogent to peruse. All template and format elements are redress. Comments Submission is virtually bounteous of unreflective blunders. Message excellent reflects polite-developed use of exercise and content-related language. Passage structures are multifarious and attractive. Points Earned 1 Bernadette Ross ECE - 455 06/03/2020 Stacy Mergener Development of Math Warning Instruction At an bestow age we are usher-in to the mode of message avowal and sounds of messages that acceleration us to and enchantment and transcribe are regulative accelerationing progeny to inaugurate peruseing messages. Learning collection are to-boot regulative to immature progeny. Counting is a scholarship courage immature progeny need to recognize when adding or entrance loose objects to state the sum or how abundant are left when doing mathematics. The model external in enumerateing is to qualify full scholar to enumerate a medley of objects. This courage, scholars in the knot conciliate own the business of enumerateing divergent manipulative materials and the images containing a knot of cars and animals. The manipulative and lexicon used in the enumerateing warning are installed on scholar's harvestal equalize and recognize materials earlier spiritless to them. Students use divergent of scholars culturally strategies and materials recognizen to the divergent learners. To apprehend families in warnings, the preceptor conciliate apprehend connected discontinuity and contrast experiments. Discontinuity regularly used by parents when communicating developed earth topics. Order recognizeledge conciliate be integrated into scholarship activities and this apprehends the most spiritless things in the order (Leonard, 2018). Cultural norms conciliate be intervening by avoiding the illustrations of local discontinuity and illustrations that can affect the scholars emotionally. In importation, the preceptor conciliate pretext profit in the scholar’s cultural contrast in the continuity of scholarship. Each scholar conciliate transfer disunite in the enumerateing activities during each warning, interact after a timeliness each other and enumerate objects on the images granted. 2 This conciliate acquiesce the scholars to actively disuniteicipate the enumerateing activities and height solve through despatch. This conciliate confer some insights to scholars who are struggling after a timeliness math lessons and peers can acceleration those who pains. To be auspicious granted conciliate be fitness, counting, and pictures materials for transcribe what they own scholarly in the knot courage. The availpower of manifold media and materials is regulative for the good-fortune of knot courage. The differentiation conciliate apprehend rearranging the classroom to living the needs and harvest of full scholar (Nemeth, 2017). Technology installed apprehends importation and amalgamation software. This courage forms the regulative institution of math for the prefercogent grades. The courage conciliate apprehend the use of devices like tablets and computers for amalgamation and importation installed recreations. Numerous recreations own been designed to fix that kindergarten scholars can good-fortuneabundantly maneuver and conceive these unpoetical concepts such as peruseing and enumerateing collection knoting, differences and similarities. The model external scholars conciliate be cogent to exhaustive manifold mathematic recreations after a timeliness devices granted. This courage apprehends software installed recreations conciliate be set at a equalize that is misdedicate for scholars equalize and fix scholars can exhaustive manifold recreations and divergent levels after a timelinessout difficulties. The computer programs clarified conciliate use objects spiritless to scholars. A medley of order and cultural scholarship customized computer-installed programs conciliate be integrated in granted devices. The divergent knot of scholars in the classroom conciliate be supplied after a timeliness materials and tools for scholarship that own disabilities. Activities conciliate apprehend teachingal, community, and nobility activities. Incorporating activities that are spiritless in the order and nobility enhances the scholar conceiveing. The cooperative strategy apprehends the race betwixt scholars. Students conciliate exhaustive the recreation warning and the preceptor conciliate allot the winner. As the other knot constituents 3 compete, the fostering knot constituents conciliate be required to add and transfer manifold objects presented in the tablets collaboratively (Leonard, 2018). Media needed are relaxing area and laptops for scholars to use computer programs and exhaustive divergent customized programs activities. The preceptor conciliate succor knot activities to acceleration scholars conceive the recreations. The primary role of the preceptor is to form it enjoycogent and not stressful to exercise timeliness attractive students in their reckon mathematic harvest. The divergentiation strategy apprehends a medley of recreations to sate the needs of divergent scholars (Nemeth, 2017). This height solving activity, scholars conciliate unconnected manifold envelop candies and enumerate them. The preceptor conciliate cater 20 after a timeliness garblings of sky blue, black, unblemished, and red. After separating these candies into their leading colors, scholars conciliate enumerate them and cater last collection for each garbling. The model-based external is scholars conciliate be cogent to unconnected candies into leading garblings and enumerate them. The preceptor conciliate use isolated advice to fix scholars conceive full trudge suitcogent for kindergarteners. To carry in the nobility experiment, scholars conciliate exhaustive the corresponding courage at home beneath the supervision of their parents and exhibit solutions at teach. The use of local media is one of the strategies that conciliate be used to confer scholars order experiment. Cultural norms apprehend the use of discontinuity and values of culturally knots in the classroom. Each scholar conciliate be giving one garbling unordered the indecent, unconnected these candies from the touchstone, and enumerate them (Colorín Colorado, 2020). This courage conciliate authorize scholars to operation concertedly and each knot constituent has produced their disunite. This promotes regulative gregarious and collaboration skills. Resources in this courage apprehend fitness materials, candies, and ductile containers to authorize the students to unconnected candies and enumerate them. The use of tables and comfortcogent surfaces for materials such as rugs. Misdedicate divergentiation mode is to vary the materials and adjust the enhancement (Nemeth, 2017). 4 References Nemeth, K. (2017). Form Math Meaningful for Diverse Learners. Leonard, J. (2018). Culturally local pedagogy in the mathematics classroom: Strategies for teachers and scholars. Routledge. Colorín Colorado. (2020, February 10). Cooperative Scholarship Strategies. Retrieved from 1 Bernadette Ross ECE-455 6/13/2020 Stacy Mergener Assessment Tools in Mathematics Education programs strengthen the efforts of preceptors and the policies usher-ind to enhance the good-fortune of the scholarship procedures. Teachers transfer the specimen of accelerationing the students in attaining teaching experiment as polite as qualify the scholars for a amend forthcoming. Math warning advices can confound harvestally misdedicate rate strategies that are deemed adapted in enhancing the scholarship order. Pre-assessments are to-boot succorful in preparing the scholars in the math scholarship order. Formative and summative rate programs are used to evaluate the tellingness of scholarship procedures in math. Scholarship can be assessed installed on summative and formative rates. Activities apprehend enumerateing activities, the use of software in importation and amalgamation activities, and nobility activities in math scholarship strategies. Summative rate procedures are used to evaluate the good-fortune of the mathematics scholarship order. The summative rate order is applied at the end of a scholarship employment, such as the end of signal exams and rate strategies. For specimen, the three activities of math scholarship could be assessed at the end of a semester/signal in divergent scenarios. The counting math scholarship courage can be evaluated at the end of the signal or the end of the scholarship order (Connor et al., 2018). The rate businesss can apprehend enumerateing and labeling collection from one to the extravagant they can go recording the numerical collection from the lowest to the 2 highest, contemplation and use of stickers to pretext the reckon life mentioned by the preceptor, counting the shapes seen in the consultation, and confirming divergent numerals in a chart. The preceptors conciliate use summative rate strategies in determining the scholar’s power to use software such as tablets in amalgamation and importation exercises. The preceptor conciliate constitute a classification that conciliate assess the scholar’s power to confirm the importation and amalgamation signs. This element conciliate to-boot acceleration in confirming isolated unpoetical questions such as the importation and amalgamation of single numerals (Leonard, 2018). The third courage, which uses nobility’s constituents in enumerateing and math identification activities, conciliate be assessed at the end of the warning. The preceptors conciliate extension the use of candies and the scholars conciliate be asked to enumerate the candies depending on their garbling. The warning is installed on sorting out the candies installed on garblings and enumerateing the candies of each garbling (Nemeth, 2017). The mode conciliate acceleration in confirming the tellingness of using nobility activities in unpoetical scholarship programs. Furthermore, mathematic scholarship differs depending on the equalize of the scholar and the class. The scholarship program, nevertheless, aims at fit the teachingal fearlessness of the scholars as polite as preparing the scholars for a amend forthcoming. The scholarship programs are evaluated installed on the use of summative and formative rate orderes. The summative order conciliate strengthen the end of warning rate timeliness formative is used when evaluating the productiveness of an ongoing scholarship program (Nemeth, 2017). Both rates are succorful in scholarship the ability of the warning. Both tools acceleration in confirming the watery points of the students and acceleration the preceptors in conceiveing whether scholars own mastered mathematicsscholarship order (Connor et al., 2018). The scholarship order should to-boot accommodate scholars after a timeliness divergent cultural backgrounds as polite as scholars after a timeliness disabilities. Students after a timeliness disabilities should be prioritized 3 in a classroom enhancement where the preceptors confound exceptional materials in accelerationing scholars after a timeliness exceptional needs (Clements, Fuson, & Sarama, 2017). Implementing acknowledgment and giving patronage and addresss to progeny after a timeliness disabilities is succorful in enhancing the misapply developmental strategies. They are guided and unquestioned when they complete polite in the unpoetical warning. The adit of accepting the disabled scholars conciliate acceleration in letting them recognize that their efforts are acadvice in the classroom, this conciliate acceleration in boosting their selfesteem and faith (Clements, Fuson, & Sarama, 2017). The preceptors in the math warning are required to reform the address and succorance of the scholars after a timeliness disabilities in the warning. The order conciliate acceleration to living the math warning as polite as reform the development. 4 References Clements, D. H., Fuson, K. C., & Sarama, J. (2017). The research-installed poise in bestow childhood mathematics: A exculpation to Spiritless Core criticisms. Bestow Childhood Research Quarterly, 40, 150-162. Connor, C. M., Mazzocco, M. M., Kurz, T., Crowe, E. C., Tighe, E. L., Wood, T. S., & Morrison, F. J. (2018). Using rate to particularize bestow mathematics advice. Journal of teach psychology, 66, 97-113. Nemeth, K. (2017). Form Math Meaningful for Diverse Learners. ...
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