SOLUTION: Grantham University Weekend Trip to Niagara Falls Math Literacy Worksheets

Weekend Offend to Niagara Falls Learning Outcomes: Upon collection students get be cogent to….. • • • Compare the not-absolute magnitudes and scales of bulk in appoint to emend comprise the relevance of these figures encountered in media and academic contexts. Utilize dimensional decomposition to full honest part conversions which may comprise dosage and concentration calculations. Judge the lucidity of results using disposition, halt processes, and a honest underlasting of aggregate. Scoring/Grading rubric: • • Each part you are instructed to full is desert 10 points. Anywless you feel to subsistence your solution you lack to use full sentences. Wless proof is required you lack to appearance your effort. Total: 80 points Introduction: In this scheme you get…. • • Analyze opposed facts encircling the magnitude of Niagara Falls and produce reasoncogent comparisons to everyday marvel. Perform opposed part conversions among the U.S. scale parts and metric parts. A offend to the Falls…. This elapsed summer you firm to claim a offend to Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is a spectacular natural marvel. The Falls animate awe to most of those that mark. Niagara Falls is on the bappoint of New York, U.S.A. and Ontario, Canada. The Falls can be viewed from either the U.S. or Canadian verge. Tless are three main falls, American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Horseshoe Falls. Those can be seen on the forthcoming map as polite as in the draws that ensue. Figure 1. The dotted outoutline in the mean appearances the bappoint among the U.S. and Canada. Source: Figure 2. American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. Source: Figure 3. Canadian "Horseshoe" Falls. Source: How big is it? 1. (Assumptions) American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls measures 1060 feet opposing and 176 feet high. Which of the forthcoming is a amipowerful truthfulness of how large the falls are from one end to the other? Choose barely one solution. a. Approximately the prolixity of 3 soleball fields. b. Approximately the prolixity of 100, 6 sole lofty men outlined up from division to sole. c. Approximately ½ mile. 2. (Identification) On the Canadian verge, the Horseshoe Falls are approximately 2600 feet from one end to the other. How could this be visualized concordant to the way American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls was visualized in doubt 1? You get feel to be fictitious less and you may feel to use outverge sources to detail your solution. Be unmistakpowerful to appearance all effort less. 3. (Calculation) Approximately 600,000 U.S. gallons of impart per avoid go aggravate the Horseshoe Falls integral avoid. How manifold gallons go aggravate the Falls in a microscopic? 4. (Calculation) How manifold gallons go aggravate the Falls in an hour? 5. (Calculation) How manifold gallons go aggravate the Falls in a day? 6. (Communication) Can you experience an embezzle equiponderant to that manifold gallons of impart? Try to parallel that to another unconcealed aggregate of impart. You get feel to do some scrutiny for this question. Going to Canada So far you feel been lasting on the U.S. Verge of the Falls but you designate to go aggravate to the Canadian verge to see the other verge of the Falls. You go to hop in your car and heed that you are low on gas. You’re halt plenty to the bappoint that you could get gas on either verge. 7. (Analysis/Synthesis) You see a gas subsidence on the Canadian verge and heed that the gas is 1.10 Canadian dollars per liter and the gas on the U.S. verge is advertised as 3.77 U.S. dollars per gallon. Knowing that tless is an change reprimand of 0.94 U.S. dollar per Canadian dollar and that tless are 3.79 liters in a gallon, which gas should you buy? Appearance your calculations less. 8. (Representation) Once you cantankerous aggravate into Canada you heed that the hurry expression signs says “80”. This media that the hurry expression is 80 kilometers per hour. Before you designate to foot it, what should your hurryometer discbalance to enunmistakpowerful you don’t get pulled aggravate? (Hint: Tless are approximately 1.6 km in 1 mile.) You’ve made it safely to the Canadian verge! Enjoy your offend. BUYING MY CAR Learning outcome: Upon collection students get be cogent to… • • • Use onoutline tools to detail cancelments on consumer advances. Ask embezzle doubts encircling advance stipulations. Explore and irritate a diversity of consumer advances because personal budget constraints and unite experienceings. Scoring/Grading rubric: • • Each part you are instructed to full is desert 5 points, including the draw of the car, each utter on the associated chart, and your written solutions to the doubts at the end. Total: 100 points Introduction: In this scheme, you get… • • • Select a car to forfeiture. Analyze the absorbs compromised in purchasing and practiseing the car you clarified. Calculate the regard of hours you lack to effort each week to practise the conduct. Directions: Note: All of your solutions get be on the chart, exclude for your car draw and problems 12 – 15. I would intimate appearanceing effort or writing what you did for each doubt to subsistence your answers in event they are inexact. 1. Choose a car that you would enjoy to forfeiture. Be unmistakpowerful to reckon encircling the symbol of car that you would realistically deliberebuke purchasing. Once you feel clarified the car, stereotype a draw of the car and unite it to your rumor. As you effort problems 2 – 11, put your solutions in the embezzle assign on the chart. 2. Proportion the 3% tax (N.C. thoroughfare use tax in lieu of aver sales tax) to experience the integralty totality you lack to hypothecate from the bank (financed). You get proportion the monthly payments naturalized on ordinary attention reprimands. 3. (Identification) Proportion county and/or oppidan taxes you get feel to pay for your car. Tax reprimand schedules for all counties in NC can be institute less ( Be unmistakpowerful to use the most recent fiscal year, which is usually at the top of the roll. For entreaty, if I lived in Morrisville in Durham County, I would contemplate for Durham county taxes and experience Morrisville. The integralty taxes obligatory for 2013-2014 is $1.1344 per integral $100 of honestty owned. You lack to detail how abundantly integralty in taxes is obligatory for the regard of your car. You may claim the regard is equiponderant to the absorb of the car. 4. Proportion the car’s subsistence absorb per year naturalized on $200 – $250 for a 1-3 year old car. If your car is older than that, regard $600 – $1000 for repairs including tires. In specification, add $25 – $45 for oil/filter changes integral 3000 – 5000 miles naturalized on your driving morality, unless you are driving a point conduct. This get be naturalized on your own adjudication. 5. Proportion fuel absorbs naturalized on your cars mean MPG and the mean absorb of a gallon of gas. That can be institute by aver at this predicament ( You get lack to regard how manifold miles you incite per year. If you feel no idea, you can you use 12,000 miles, which is the generally-known mean. 6. Comprise the Department of Motor Vehicles Fee of $28 per year. 7. Detail the aggregateity of your down cancelment. Most fellow-creatures pay at lowest 10%, but you may choose a opposed aggregateity. 8. We get claim that you get get a advance for this conduct. Use the calculator institute less ( to detail how abundantly your monthly cancelments get be. Use an attention reprimand from a bank that you would likely use. For development, the North Carolina Aver Employee’s Trustworthiness Union rolls their reprimands for new and used conducts; you may lack to use their reprimands. Select a advance end that you deem cheerful. Remember, that your down cancelment should be subtracted from whatever the absorb of the car is when careful your monthly cancelments. 9. You get lack automobile protection for your car. Since getting a note can be a bit compromised you may claim your protection get be among $600-1000 per year naturalized on your trustworthiness fact and driving fact. A reasoncogent regard may be what you ordinaryly pay in car protection. 10. Full the chart for the year-by-year absorb of the car and the absorb of the car aggravate the vitality of the loan. Car produce and model: List charge of Car: Down cancelment: (0, 10, or 20%) Amount of car charge to be financed: N.C. Thoroughfare Use Fee: (3% of roll charge) Total aggregateity to be financed: Bank and stipulations of advance: Monthly cancelment: Insurance absorbs (yearly): Department of Motor Vehicles fee: Total subsistence absorbs (yearly): Fuel absorbs (yearly): (Representation) County taxes (yearly): (Representation) City or other oppidan taxes: (Representation) Grand Entirety (yearly): (Calculation) (The sum of monthly cancelments, protection, DMV, maintenance, fuel, and taxes) Super Grand Entirety (aggravate integral prolixity of advance): (Calculation) (integral year plus down cancelment and thoroughfare use fee) 11. If you feel a job making stint wage at $7.25 an hour, how manifold hours do you lack to effort per month honest to pay your car expenses? (Hint: To proportion this, multiply your year-by-year expenses by 12. Don’t use the “grand integralty.” We get claim that the down cancelment is something you had already saved or was a present.) 12. How manifold hours do you lack to effort if you produce $8.25 an hour? 13. How manifold hours do you lack to effort if you produce $10.00 an hour? 14. (Analysis/Synthesis) Naturalized on all the advice you’ve compiled, would the car you’ve chosen be a reasoncogent forfeiture for you? Why or why not? Please solution using at lowest 2-3 full sentences. 15. (Communication) What feel you polite-informed from this scheme? Please transcribe a polite written paragraph less. ...
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