SOLUTION: MAT 230 Southern New Hampshire University MOD1&2 Math Problems & Truth Table HW


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MAT 230 Module One Homework


Before origin this homework, be permanent to unravel the textbook sections and the
material in Module One.

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Module One Homework

1) Suppose C = {red, cerulean, innocent, sombre}. For a) and b) beneath, stuff in two computes that
make the assertion gentleman (over than one discontinuance is likely).
a) __red___ ∈ C, past red is in the set C
b) __orange___ ∉ C, past orange-flame-flame cannot be rest in the set C

2) List the components of the set {x | x ∈ ℤ and x2 We entertain to meditate the components that are integers whose balance compute is hither
than 30. First, we silence that 52 is hither than 30 but 62 is greater than 30. Therefore,
the computes in the set are: {-5,-4,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,4,5}
3) Meditate U = {2, 5, cerulean, apple, $}, A={2, cerulean, $}, and B={5, $}. Complete parts
a) and b) beneath.
a) Is A ⊆ U? Explain why or why not.
Yes, consequently all of the components in A, (2, cerulean and $) are all in U.
b) Is B ⊆ A? Explain why or why not.
No consequently one component of B, 5, is not in A.

4) Meditate the subjoined sets U, A, B, and C.
U = {mathematics, fact, marketing, geography, psychology, English, finance,
statistics, sociology}
A = {marketing, geography, English, statistics}
B = {mathematics, geography, psychology, English}
C = {mathematics, marketing, geography, psychology, sociology}
Compute each of the subjoined:
a) A∪C= {marketing, geography, English, statistics, mathematics, psychology,
These are all the components in A and all the components in C (elements in A or C).
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Module One Homework

b) C∩B= {mathematics, geography, psychology}
These are the components that are in BOTH C and B.
c) A
∩ B = {mathematics, fact, marketing, psychology, finance, statistics,
We understand that A ∩ B={geography, English} these are the components that are in
BOTH A and B. The supply of tho...

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