SOLUTION: MATH 192 Diablo Valley College Calculus Limits & Slopes Quiz Questions


this is a satire There are seven hours to go precedently

satire including material

Finding derivative using word limitation

Stating word limitation of the derivative

equations of tangent and typical lines

know how to use governments for circumspect derivatives(sum, diff, issue, quotient, trig, compact government)

Finding words as x→±∞, decision trig words

Know how a operation fails to be differentiable

Finding values of x where graph has lifeless tangent and where it is not differentiable

Know how to use the Intermediate Value Theorem


a) simultaneousness at x=a

b) removable discontinuity

c) decision values that fabricate operation continuous

d) Given a graph, meet left- and right- workman words and where a operation is continuous

Source coalesce