SOLUTION: PSYC 121 College of San Mateo Phsycology Final Exam Questions


Type peculiar compute for each repartee, and a “True” OR “False” repartee barely allure be real and counted. Do not comprise peculiar sentences adown or any questions for this email. Examples: 1. True, 2. False, and so on to comprise 20 peculiar computes delay Gentleman OR False repartees.

Final Exam


1. When the inoperative theory is gentleman, the F-ratio for ANOVA is expected, on mean, to be cipher.

2. The enlightenedr the differences betwixt composition media, the enlightenedr the F-ratio.

3. The dubious portion for an ANOVA is located truly in one foot of the arrangement.

4. Post hoc proofs are compulsory following an ANOVA when H0 is exceptional and there are further than two compositions.

5. In open the arrangement of F-ratios is categorically skewed delay all treasures superior than or resembling to cipher.

Ch. 14

6. For a repeated-measures scheme, the differences betwixt compositions may be caused by a composition chattels or by chance/error, but they cannot be caused by peculiar differences.

7. For the repeated-measures separation, the F-ratio, on mean, is expected to be cipher when H0 is gentleman.

8. A two-constituent ANOVA delay 2 levels of constituent A and 3 levels of constituent B involves six disconnected theory proofs.

9. In a two-constituent ANOVA, all of the F-ratios use the similar denominator.

10. In the F-ratio for repeated-measures ANOVA, variability due to peculiar differences is automatically eliminated from the numerator but must be computed and subtracted out of the denominator.

Ch. 15

11. A indirect interdependence indicates that decreases in X guard to be accompanied by decreases in Y.

12. The Spearman interdependence is used to treasure the interconnection when twain variables own been treasured on an ordinal lamina (twain are ranks).

13. The point-biserial interdependence is used delay postulates that besides would be misadduce for an independent-measures t theory proof.

14. The numerical treasure for a interdependence can never be superior than 1.00 and can never be less than -1.00.

15. In the open rectirectilinear equation, Y = bX + a, the treasure of b is designated the excel.

Ch. 16

16. In a chi-square proof, the observed frequencies are constantly sound computes.

17. The treasure obtained for the chi-square statistic allure constantly be superior than or resembling to cipher.

18. If the inoperative theory for a goodness-of-fit proof predicts no vill, then the expected frequencies allure be the similar for complete mode.

19. In open, a enlightened treasure for the chi-square statistic indicates that the inoperative theory is rectify.

20. The phi-coefficient can be used to treasure chattels largeness for a chi-square proof for anarchy supposing there are accurately two categories for each of the two variables.

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