Mg420 Week 2-Brief Boxle V. United States

MG420 Week 2Brief Boxle v. United States. Use Chapter One, Appendix, Reading and Briefing Cases for reference. In your brief, you should include the following information: the Parties (Who is the plaintiff? The defendant? The appellant? The appellee?) the History of the case (Who won at trial court? Who won at the lower appellate level? Who won in this decision?)the Facts (What happened that caused the plaintiff to sue?)the Plaintiff’s Theory (Why he thinks he is right)the Defendant’s Theory (Why she thinks she is right)the Legal Issue (a yes or no question)the Holding of the Court (Yes or no–answers the legal issue). The Reasoning of the Court (i. e. : what facts and laws did the court rely on to decide the case, why the case was decided in the winner’s favor, why did the other side lose)What do you think? Was this case decided correctly? Why or why not? (Study tip: For the mid-term, remember that the issue is the question the court answered, the holding is the answer to that question. )

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