Mgt 101-One Way To Gather Information For Performance

One way to gather information for performance management or other human resources functions is to participate in conversations of professionals on Internet message boards. In this exercise, you will visit one of these to learn what other human resources professionals are saying about a particular topic. Visit HRNet, a discussion of human resources, at http: //groups. yahoo. com/neo/groups/HRNET/info. Near the bottom of the page there is a box where you can type in terms to search for. Type inperformance managementand clickGoto generate a list of messages on this topic. Next, look for a message that has generated some conversation. To do this, click on a subject line that interests you. When the message is displayed, look for the “Up Thread” link at the top of the message. If this link is active, you can click on it and get the original message in the thread plus a list of responses. If you can’t click on this link to get a message plus a list of responses, try another message. When you have selected a message that has generated responses, read all these messages. QuestionsSummarize the main points of the thread (the original message and the responses). Does this discussion apply ideas from the chapter? Which ideas in the messages are well supported? Which seem to be merely opinions?What additional principles from the chapter would shed light on the topic being discussed? Compose a message that contributes your ideas. (If you want to post your message, you will have to register with HRNet. )