Microsoft Word – Mgmt4316_Project_Instructions

Microsoft Word – MGMT4316_Project_Instructions_S15*I only have to write a 3 page (double spaced) paper* This is a group project and myassigned part is: “Discuss the implications for business ethics and social responsibility in international management. “Microsoft Word – MGMT4316_Project_Instructions_S15From CEO to whistleblower: Proof of courage or betrayal?Michael Woodford was the former CEO of a Japanese firm, Olympus, the first foreigner to take a top position in Japanese large firms. After a few months in his new position, he decided to report wrongdoings of the company and became a whistleblower. He was then ousted and even received death threat. Understand Michael Woodford’s behavior and evaluate its consequences to the company, Olympus, and the public in general. Also discuss the implications for business ethics and social responsibility in international management. Microsoft Word – MGMT4316_Project_Instructions_S15Some basic information: http: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Olympus_scandal ,https: //www. youtube. com/watch?v=eEBlound460Here is the professor’s instructions: The report is to be typed, using double-space and 12- point type font with one-inch margins on all sides. Your writing format include citation and reference listing should follow the APA style, which is described in the Publication Manual of American Psychological Association (Sixth Edition, ISBN: 1433805618). You can also find all information about APA style from here: https: //owl. english. purdue. edu/owl/resource/560/01/. You need to search on website and our online library (http: //vcuhvlibrary. uhv. edu/ ) to find the situation and facts about the case topic, and answer the case questions in your paper report. Keep in mind that you need to cite in your text and list the references for all the information including facts and analysis that you found from other sources. At leastTEN citations are required.

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