module 4 assignment

Module 4 – Assignment 4Case 4. 3 One Nation under Wal-Mart2. Is there a Wal-Mart in your area? If so, has it had impact on your community or the behavior of local consumers? If there’s no store in your area, would you be in favor of Wal-Mart opening one? Explain why or why not?4. Can a retailer ever become too large and too powerful?Case 5. 1 Yahoo in China2. In your view, was Yahoo right or wrong to assist Chinese authorities? What would you have done if you were in charge of Yahoo?4. Assess the actions of Yahoo and of Microsoft, Google and Cisco from the point of view of both the narrow and the broader views of corporate responsibility. What view of corporate responsibility do you think these companies hold? Do you think they see themselves as acting in a morally legitimate and socially responsible way?Case 5. 4 Free Speech or False Advertising1. In this case, was Nike engaged in commercial speech, or were its statements political or social speech? What determines whether speech is commercial or not?beings? Should they have the same political rights? Is it morally permissible to limit the speech of corporations in ways that would be wrong if applied to the speech of individual citizens? If it is permissible, is it a good public policy?5. Does Nike have a social responsibility to address the matters of public concern such as the working conditions in its overseas operations? If it chooses to do so, does it have an obligation to make its statements as truthful and accurate as it can? Under what circumstances should corporations be held liable for the truth of their public statements?Issue 12 Is “Employment-at-Will” God Social Policy? Summarize the authors’ points of view in a 2-3 page essay. Then present your own synthesis of the argument using the authors’ points of view to support your argument.

Module 4 Assignment

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Assignment 2: Place (Distribution Strategy) and Promotion
Using the Waters Bottling Company in Module 1, continue to build the Marketing Plan Sections for the product you have selected/ invented/ created. Complete the following in MS Word: Be concise and complete in your analysis of each plan element. Your employer wants to know you have left nothing out in your analysis.
You are the new marketing manager to The Waters Bottling Company (WBC) of Munsonville, NH. They have never done any marketing for their water before so they will need to be educated as to the role of marketing in their company’s success. They started their company last year and want to “do it right” according to their president and founder, Dr. M. Waters. (The M stands for Muddy so he prudently only uses the initial. He also is rather fond of Blues music, which he would like to incorporate into the marketing plan in some way.) They want to sell their crystal clear, granite filtered mountain water to the “right” market. It is your job to identify that target market. At this point, they don’t even know how the product should be packaged or have a name to identify it. You will get to make that determination and carry that product through the entire Marketing Plan.

This assignment represents Section 4 of the Marketing Plan. Use the guide to identify the sections of the Marketing Plan and the marketing elements contained therein. This assignment will focus on Section 4– Place & Promotion (Module 4).
Section 4 – Place & Promotion (Module 4)
• Distribution Channels
o Length & Width
o Direct & Indirect
o Vertical & Horizontal Channel Conflict
• Promotion
o Communication Process & Tools
o Product Life Cycle
o Push vs. Pull
You will create a complete Marketing Plan by the end of the course. You will write the Fourth section of the Marketing Plan for this assignment. Use the Marketing Plan guide to identify the sections of the Marketing Plan and the marketing elements contained therein. This assignment will focus on Section 4 – The Place & Promotion (Module 4).

Relate all responses using the WBC scenario and the product you have selected to market in Module 1.

Create a 4- to 6-page Word document for this Marketing Plan Section. Apply a standard business writing style using the Market Planning Guide sections as your (headers/ sub heads/ bullets) to your work. Be sure to cite your work in the APA format.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Determine the potential product distribution channels. 15
Identify the Length and Width of the different distribution channel choices. 10
Discuss the advantages/ disadvantages of the Vertical and Horizontal channel methods. Identify any potential conflicts. 15
Examine the Communication Process for the product. Create a guideline for each of the Communication Process elements that will aid promotion development. 20
Analyze the promotion activities as they relate to each of the stages of the Product Life Cycle for this product. 20
Evaluate the Push & Pull promotion techniques for this product. 10
Writing components: Demonstrated understanding of readings, interpreting concepts, making connections, and distinguishing between fact and opinion. Presented a structured report free of spelling and grammatical errors, and applied current writing standards for editorial style, expression of ideas, and format of text, citations, and references. 10
Total: 100