Mt 482-01 Unit 9 Problem Cc–1

PROBLEM CC–1Analysis of Credit QualityAnheuser-Busch CompaniesSelected financial ratios from the (i) S&P 400, (ii) the brewing industry, and (iii) Anheuser-Busch Companies (BUD), for Years 2 through 6, are reproduced below.Required:a. Using these financial ratios, analyze the relative credit position of:(1) Brewing industry compared with the S&P 400.(2) Anheuser-Busch compared with the brewing industry.(3) Anheuser-Busch compared with the S&P 400.b. Using these financial ratios and your analysis from (a), describe the current position of Anheuser-Busch, and discuss whether you feel there has been a change in the credit quality of Anheuser-Busch during this five-year period.

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