n one page can you summarize and assess this case


Refer to the Case Study attached “The Nescafe Plan in China ” , please answer the below 9 questions asanalysis of the case study , answers should be placed in the attached Template , Introduction and conclusionshould be added as well , HarvardReference style to be followed .

In one page can you summarize and assess this case.
Conduct critical analysis of the case using the “Marketing Plan Worksheets”
Identify the goal and objectives
Referring to the information in the case, identify the firms strengths and weakness, and to recognize the opportunities and threat that exit in the marketing environment
Outline a plan for implementing the marketing strategy.
If you are given the opportunity to improve on this plan what are the area you will improve. Explain your suggestions.
Develop KPI to monitor the success of this marketing strategy.
What is the role of top management in ensuring the success of the strategy?
What is the cultural sensitivity that needs to be taken in account if this strategy needs to be implemented globally?

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