Nascar Company Manufactures An Innovative

Nascar Company manufactures an innovative automobile transmission for electric cars. Management predicts that ending inventory for the first quarter will be 37,500 units. The following unit sales of the transmissions are expected during the rest of the year: second quarter, 225,000 units, third quarter, 262,500 units, and fourth quarter, 237,500 units. Company policy calls for the ending inventory of a quarter to equal 20% of the next quarter’s budgeted sales. Prepare a production budget for both the second and third quarters that shows the number of transmissions to manufacture. (Amount to be deducted should be indicated with a minus sign. )NASCAR COMPANYProduction BudgetSecond and Third QuartersSecond QuarterThird Quarter Budgeted ending inventories (Click to select)Budgeted inventoriesLess: Budgeted salesBudgeted purchasesBudgeted cost of goods soldAdd: Budgeted sales Required units of available production (Click to select)Budgeted purchasesBudgeted salesAdd: Budgeted beginning inventoriesBudgeted ending inventoriesLess: Budgeted beginning inventories Units to be produced

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