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Non-Violence Conflict Resolution

The current conflict for the purpose of this presentation is the Burundi discontent on the decision by the sitting president to seek a third ter

m despite the constitutional provisions of only two terms. There is a conflict between forces that support the government and those that oppose the government leading to a coup, where several people have lost their lives in violent and non-violent demonstrations. The following is an analysis of how the four stages of non-violent conflict resolution can be used to solve the conflict.

The aggrieved parties especially those against the President third term should seek to establish whether there is injustice committed. The injured party should seek constitutional interpretation to get the opinion whether the sitting president is doing an injustice by seeking reelection. Once determined that some rights have been violated, then proceed to step two. Otherwise, the conflict will have been resolved. In step two, if the sitting president has committed an injustice, the president and the aggrieved party aggrieved should negotiate. Negotiation would convince either party to arrive at a compromise.In case the negotiations do not resolve the conflict, the parties should proceed to the third step, which is self-purification. Self-purification entail the aggrieved group to honestly soul search their intentions and the consequences. After self-purification, they will go to the last, step that is a direct action that include peaceful demonstration and picketing to air their grievances.

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