Nurs 2061 Assignment – Gross Domestic Product

Week 1 Assignment: Gross Domestic Product and UnemploymentThis iconic picture so well portrays the hopelessness and destitution that were the hallmarks of the Great Depression. This economic collapse illustrated how the Nation’s GDP and its employment rate are intertwined. They are co-dependent. Please take a few minutes to watch this compelling video on conditions during the Depression: (Links to an external site.)With this background in mind please choose ONE of the following questions to answer in your assignment this week. Your response should be 300-500 words long. 1) What are the two main difficulties that arise in comparing the GDP of different countries?2) Identify some of the reasons GDP should not be considered an effective measure of the standard of living of a country.3) Name and explain some of the reasons why wages are likely to be “sticky downward”.4) Is a decrease in the unemployment rate necessarily a good thing for the nation? Explain.Formatting RequirementsUse APA format to cite and reference research information from the textbook and one other source.The paper should be in APA format with 1″ margins, double spaced, and Times New Roman 12 pt. font.Write in the 3rd person

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