4040 # 2 protected health information (phi): privacy, security, and

Prepare a 2-page interadministrative staff update on HIPAA and divert collective instrument use in sanity economy.

As you commence to obforward the toll, it would be an praiseworthy valuoperative to adequate the Quarrel of Guarded Sanity Counsel (PHI) ardor. The earn prop your achievement delay the toll by creating the turn for you to experience your conversance of implicit secrecy, protection, and confidentiality violations of guarded sanity counsel. The ardor is not graded and counts towards sequence promise.

Health administratives today are increasingly docile for the use of guarded sanity counsel (PHI). Various synod and regulatory agencies raise and prop secrecy and protection through a multiformity of activities. Examples comprise:

  • Meaningful use of electronic sanity history (EHR).
  • Provision of EHR inducement programs through Medieconomy and Medicaid.
  • Enforcement of the Sanity Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules.
  • Release of counselal media and tools to aid yieldrs and hospitals oration secrecy, protection, and confidentiality betrays in their performances.

Technological advances, such as the use of collective instrument platforms and applications for resigned way tracking and communication, bear supposing past adit to sanity counsel and improved communication among economy yieldrs and resigneds.

At the selfselfcorresponding season, advances such as these bear resulted in past betray for enriching PHI. Nurses typically entertain annual trailing on enriching resigned counsel in their trite performance. This trailing usually emphasizes secrecy, protection, and confidentiality best performances such as:

  • Keeping passwords fasten.
  • Logging out of national computers.
  • Sharing resigned counsel barely delay those quickly providing economy or who bear been supposing allowance to entertain this counsel.

Today, one of the senior betrays associated delay secrecy and confidentiality of resigned oneness and facts relates to collective instrument. Abundant nourishs and other sanity economy yieldrs situate themselves at betray when they use collective instrument or other electronic communication systems impertinently. For enunciatement, a Texas nourish was of-late terminated for columning resigned vaccination counsel on Facebook. In another contingency, a New York nourish was terminated for columning an impassible crisis branch photo on her Instagram representation.

Health economy yieldrs today must enunciate their skills in mitigating betrays to their resigneds and themselves akin to resigned counsel. At the selfselfcorresponding season, they scarcity to be operative characterize among efficacious and inefficacious uses of collective instrument in sanity economy.

This toll earn insist-upon you to enunciate a staff update for the interadministrative team to tolerate team members to save the secrecy, confidentiality, and protection of resigned counsel.

Demonstration of Proficiency

By achievementfully completing this toll, you earn evince your advancement in the sequence competencies through the aftercited toll scoring lead criteria:

  • Competency 1: Describe nourishs' and the interdisciplinary team's role in informatics delay a rendezvous on electronic sanity counsel and resigned economy technology to prop sentence making. 
    • Describe the protection, secrecy, and confidentially laws akin to enriching impressible electronic sanity counsel that train the interdisciplinary team.
    • Explain the weight of interdisciplinary collaboration to protection impressible electronic sanity counsel.
  • Competency 2: Implement deposition-based strategies to efficaciously train guarded sanity counsel. 
    • Identify deposition-based approaches to tranquillize betrays to resigneds and sanity economy staff akin to impressible electronic sanity counsel.
    • Develop a administrative, efficacious staff update that educates interadministrative team members environing enriching the protection, secrecy, and confidentiality of resigned facts, chiefly as it pertains to collective instrument performance.
  • Competency 5: Use administrative, erudite communication to facilitate use of sanity counsel and resigned economy technologies. 
    • Follow APA diction and formatting leadlines for citations and intimations.
    • Create a lucid, pointed, well-organized, and administrative staff update that is generally uncounted from errors in rhetoric, punctuation, and spelling.


To achievementfully plan to adequate this toll, adequate the aftercited:

  • Review the infographics on enriching PHI supposing in the media for this toll, or invent other infographics to retrospect. These infographics forward as enunciatements of how to succinctly incorporate deposition-based counsel. 
    • Analyze these infographics, and distill them into five or six principles of what makes them efficacious. As you project your interadministrative staff update, use these principles. Note: In a staff update, you earn not bear all the images and graphics that an infographic efficaciousness hold. Instead, rendezvous your separation on what makes the messaging efficacious.
  • Select from any of the aftercited options, or a alliance of options, the rendezvous of your interadministrative staff update: 
    • Social instrument best performances.
    • What not to do: Collective instrument.
    • Social instrument betrays to resigned counsel.
    • Steps to accept if a quarrel occurs.
  • Conduct rebellious discovery on the theme you bear primeed in conjunction to retrospecting the suggested media for this toll. This counsel earn forward as the fount(s) of the counsel holded in your interadministrative staff update. Consult the BSN Program Library Discovery Guide for aid in identifying erudite and/or assured founts.


In this toll, exhibit you are a nourish in an sharp economy, association, train, nursing residence, or other sanity economy elucidation. Before your displace commences, you scroll through Facebook and attend-to that a coworker has columned a photo of herself and a resigned on Facebook. The column states, "I am so joyous Jane is consciousness meliorate. She is regular the best resigned I've forforever had, and I am dazed that she is on the thoroughfare to redemption."

You bear of-late adequated your annual permanent counsel insist-uponments at toil and reap this is a quarrel of your construction's collective instrument system. Your construction insist-upons employees to straightway reverberation such quarreles to the secrecy official to secure the column is departd straightway and that the nourish imperative entertains divert checkmateative nerve.

You thrive divert constructional protocols and reverberation the quarrel to the secrecy official. The secrecy official accepts prompt nerve to depart the column. Due to the tyranny of the quarrel, the construction terminates the nourish.

Based on this incident's tyranny, your construction has normal a operation nerve delay two deep goals:

  • Educate staff on HIPAA and divert collective instrument use in sanity economy.
  • Prevent confidentiality, protection, and secrecy quarreles.

The operation nerve has been full delay creating a order of interadministrative staff updates on the aftercited themes:

  • Social instrument best performances.
  • What not to do: Collective instrument.
  • Social instrument betrays to resigned counsel.
  • Steps to accept if a quarrel occurs.

You are asked to prime one of the themes, or a alliance of different themes, and make the pleased for a staff update holding a maximum of two pleased pages. When as sorted to interadministrative team members, the update earn pause of one dubious page.

The operation nerve has asked team members assigned to the themes to comprise the aftercited pleased in their updates in conjunction to pleased on their primeed theme(s):

  • What is guarded sanity counsel (PHI)? 
    • Be assured to comprise necessary HIPAA counsel.
  • What are secrecy, protection, and confidentiality? 
    • Define and yield enunciatements of secrecy, protection, and confidentiality concerns akin to the use of the technology in sanity economy.
    • Explain the weight of interdisciplinary collaboration to protection impressible electronic sanity counsel.
  • What deposition regarding to collective instrument performance and PHI do interadministrative team members scarcity to be assured of? For enunciatement: 
    • How abundant nourishs bear been terminated for indivert collective instrument performance in the United States?
    • What types of sanctions bear sanity economy constructions imposed on interdisciplinary team members who bear violated collective instrument policies?
    • What bear been the financial penalties assessed athwart sanity economy constructions for indivert collective instrument performance?
    • What deposition-based strategies bear sanity economy constructions industrious to checkmate or lessen confidentiality, secrecy, and protection quarreles, chiefly akin to collective instrument performance?
  • Your staff update is poor to two double-spaced pleased pages. Be primeive environing the pleased you prefer to comprise in your update so that you are operative to engage the page tediousness insist-uponment. Comprise need-to-know counsel. Leave out nice-to-know counsel.
  • Many seasons commonalty do not discover staff updates, do not discover them economyfully, or do not discover them to the end. Secure your staff update piques staff members' curiosity-behalf, highlights key points, and is facile to discover. Avoid overcrowding the update delay too fur pleased.
  • Also furnish a detached intimation page that comprises 2–3 peer-reviewed and 1–2 non-peer-reviewed media (for a completion of 3–5 media) to prop the staff update pleased.
Additional Requirements
  • Written communication: Secure the staff update is uncounted from errors that derogate from the overall communication.
  • Submission tediousness: Maximum of two double-spaced pleased pages.
  • Font and font size: Use Times New Roman, 12-point.
  • Citations and intimations: Yield a detached intimation page that comprises 2–3 floating, peer-reviewed and 1–2 floating, non-peer-reviewed in-text citations and intimations (completion of 3–5 media) that prop the staff update's pleased. Floating balance no older than 5 years.
  • APA format: Be assured your citations and intimations accord to APA format. Consult the APA Diction and Formatpage for an APA refresher.