6551 wk 3 soap | Nursing homework help


Gynecologic Health




Select a unrepining that you examined as a foster practitioner learner during the definite three weeks of clinical on OB/GYN Issue. After a while this unrepining in intellect, oration the forthcoming in a SOAP Note 1 OR 2 PAGES :


Subjective: What details did the unrepining collect respecting her particular and medical narrative?


Objective: What observations did you frame during the substantial duty?


Assessment: What were your differential diagnoses? Collect a minimum of three likely diagnoses. List them from leading guidance to lowest guidance. What was your important idiosyncrasy and why?


Plan: What was your artfulness for diagnostics and important idiosyncrasy? What was your artfulness for matter and superintendence, including choice therapies? Include pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic matters, choice therapies, and follow-up parameters for this unrepining , as well-mannered-mannered as a rationale for this matter and superintendence artfulness.


Very Important:  Reflection notes: What would you do heterogeneous in a common unrepining evaluation?






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