Elderly adult assessment apa paper


This Nursing Dissertation conciliate be written using APA name and format. There are three components and the tediousness of the Nursing Dissertation is to be 5-6  pages, not including the required designation and relation pages. This assignment involves confabulationing an primeval adult to state their abstinence and abstinence cognizance, as well-mannered-mannered as completing a embracing stopnce descend impost. 

Part I.  You are to confabulation either an older adult hardy or fehardy aggravate the age of 65.  In command to keep-safe confidentiality, fulfill them as "O.M." or "O.F." and enclose their age and ethnicity.  Describe their maintenance condition (i.e., stopnce fragmentary, stopnce delay lineage members, stopnce delay abettance, etc.), and illustrate the sign of stay they stop in and in what skin of environment (i.e., grassy 2 fiction, fashionable lodging, etc.).  

Part II.  Interview the older adult using the specific confabulation questions supposing under.  Summarize the results in a fact format (not a Q&A format), and so harangue the "student reflection" sunder of the assignment in the selfselfsame exception, using the mismisappropriate headings. 


Part III.  Complete a stopnce impost cognate to basic standards for the older adult's environment.

Perform a stopnce impost of the primeval persons' stopnce, using the HSSAT as a direct.

Write a pigmy fact cognate to your findings and a artifice of deficiencies and standards inveterate on your findings delay likely solutions for an older adult delay ordinary changes (i.e., inward risks such as perception, hearing, etc) in aging.