Growth and development of the newborn and infant

Chapter 25: Augmentation and Bud of the Newborn and Infant

1. Jesus is the primeval-born son of Roberto and Marie Valez. The composers are very dazed encircling the family of their new son. They possess brought Jesus into their protect practitioner today for his primeval test 3 days behind his family. Jesus was 7 lbs 2 oz at family and 19 in. His Apgar scores were 8 and 9. There were no complications following a opportunity his dowager’s pregnancy or his gift. Jesus’ composers possess noticed that he has lost some consequence past hence home. Marie is breastfeeding Jesus and is unquiet that she is doing triton crime. They besides possess various questions encircling Jesus.  (Learning Objectives 1 and 4)

a. What can the protect practitioner unite Marie touching her concerns encircling Jesus’ consequence missing?

b. What questions should the protect practitioner ask touching Jesus’ feeding, and what counsel can he or she extend to Marie touching breastfeeding?

c. What anticipatory control can the protect practitioner extend to Roberto and Marie touching Jesus’ augmentation and bud balance the direct various weeks?

2. Steve Shell has brought in his 9-month-daughter Emily for her courteousness test and immunizations. Steve is a singly senior exaltation his daughter behind Emily’s dowager was killed in a motor gait garb (MVA). Steve is doing a immense job of exaltation Emily by himself, but he quiescent has some concerns encircling his abilities as a senior. He has various questions for the protect practitioner. The protect practitioner’s test of Emily is unnoticeable and she is growing and developing as expected. (Learning Objectives 6 and 7)

a. What should the protect practitioner include when grafting Steve encircling promoting strong eating conduct and embezzle repose and tranquillity?

b. What can the protect practitioner extend Steve touching promoting embezzle strictness following a opportunity Emily?

c. Past Steve is a singly composer and singly proceeds earner, he is required to situate Emily in day attention opportunity he is at production. Steve is unquiet encircling the goods of day attention on Emily’s bud. What can the protect practitioner tell Steve encircling cadet attention?

Chapter 26: Augmentation and Bud of the Toddler

1. Bill and Ted are a domiciliary townsman that possess brought in their 30-month-old daughter, Victoria, complaining of a runny nose, cough, and low-grade broil. Bill and Ted adopted Victoria at family. The biological dowager was a teenager who chose to confer her cadet up for segregation and Bill and Ted supposing financial maintenance to secure that she base the embezzle prenatal attention. Her pregnancy and gift were unnoticeable. She has had no touch following a opportunity Victoria or her seniors past the family. The protect practitioner secure that the symptoms are attributed to an preferable respiratory deposit poison (URI) or base indifferent and recommended that it be treated symptomatically. Opportunity in the appointment, Bill and Ted possess some questions touching Victoria’s proceeding. They expound that she has befit further stubborn, frequently-again-and-again responding to their questions or commands following a opportunity “no” or adapt tantrums. Neither Bill nor Ted has been a composer antecedently adopting Victoria and they are unquiet that they are to censure for her proceeding.  (Learning Objectives 1, 5, and 12)

a. What can the protect tell Bill and Ted encircling the psychosocial or percipient bud of a toddler that would acceleration them perceive Victoria’s proceeding?

b. What can the protect tell Bill and Ted touching promoting embezzle strictness for  Victoria?

c. What is “temperament” and how would it wave Victoria’s proceeding?

2. Tenzin and Dechen possess brought in their 24-month-old son, Kim, for his courteousness test and immunizations. Kim is the primeval cadet for Tenzin and Dechen, but Dechen is 6 months teeming following a opportunity their promote cadet. Tenzin and Dechen are Tibetan refugees who possess moved to the United States from India. Kim was born in the United States. Tenzin and Dechen are very focused on Kim’s corporeal abilities (i.e., motor skills, message, and sensory skills). They pointed their long-for for Kim to do courteous in discipline and be happy in vocation. (Learning Objectives 3, 4, 7, 11, and 13)

a. What could the protect divide following a opportunity Kim’s composers touching the typical motor, message, and sensory bud of a 24-month-old?

b. What can the protect tell Tenzin and Dechen touching promoting strong augmentation and bud in Kim?

c. Kim’s composers are meddling encircling toilet grafting. How can the protect tell Kim’s composers encircling toilet grafting following a opportunity a toddler?

Chapter 27: Augmentation and Bud of the Preschooler

1. Donnie has brought his 4-year-old son, Isaac, to the pediatric bounteous clinic for a kindergarten corporeal. Isaac is the older of two cadetren of Donnie and Mary Smith. Donnie is industrious as a farrier but his production does not produce protection and he has succeed to a protect-operated bounteous clinic. Donnie divides that Isaac enjoys spending interval following a opportunity his senior when he is productioning following a opportunity the horses, but he is unquiet that Isaac has an imaginary chum named “Tackle.” On corporeal test, Isaac is 39 inches lofty and weighs 35 lbs. Donnie is a man of mean altitude (5’9” following a opportunity a lean set-up). Donnie is unquiet that Isaac may be too trivial for his age. (Learning Objectives 1)

a. What can the protect unite to Isaac’s senior encircling his corporeal augmentation?

b. What can the protect tell Isaac’s senior encircling his percipient and psychosocial bud?

c. What can the protect tell Isaac’s senior encircling his ideal bud?

2. Nina is the 5-year-old adopted daughter of Sarah and Tim Johnson. Nina is the Johnsons’ singly cadet. They adopted Nina antecedently her primeval familyday. The Johnsons possess brought Nina to the clinic today to sift-canvass some concerns they possess encircling her bud. Nina is attendant a notorious kindergarten. Past commencement discipline, the Johnsons possess noticed that they are catching Nina untruthful further. They are unquiet that this may be a remainder of attendant discipline. In abstracted, they are unquiet encircling her parole bud and melody that her teller reputed that Nina seems to be stuttering or repeating the order “um” when speaking. She besides has some awkwardness following a opportunity “sh” and “th” sounds. When the Johnsons try to sift-canvass these issues following a opportunity Nina she befits “very emotional” and retreats to her locality. (Learning Objectives 2 and 6)

a. What can the protect tell the Johnsons encircling untruthful in prediscipline cadetren?

b. What can the protect tell the Johnsons touching stuttering and discourse bud following a opportunity Nina?

c. What can the protect tell the Johnsons touching emotional bud in prediscipline cadetren?