Intermediate medical coding | Nursing homework help

1.Dr. Hansen, an orthopedist, is appearance Andrew, a 72 year old normal courageous resigned today who has complaints of sharp flexure trouble in twain flexures and numerous falls aggravate the departed 2 months. Dr. Hansen completes a inferential truth and exam after a while medical firmness making of sober entanglement, including X-rays of each flexure which semblance worsening osteoarthritis. Because the resigned has been experiencing numerous falls, Dr. Hansen provides the resigned after a while an adjustable tripod cane after a while instructions for sure use. Dr. Hansen recommends the resigned arise vestibule OTC glucosamine chondroitin sulfate, anti-inflammatories for trouble as needed, and schedules the resigned for a prosper up Nursing Assignment in one month.  E&M code:______________________________  

ICD-10-CM code: ________________________ 

 ICD-10-CM code: ________________________  

CPT code: ______________________________  

HCPCS code: ___________________________ 

2. Andrew returned for his prosper up investigate latest week after a while increased trouble and edema in his fit flexure and was scheduled for an arthroscopy. He presents to the surgical character today for a fit flexure symptom arthroscopy after a while synovial biopsy. Anesthesia is entity done on this 72-year-old courageous resigned by a CRNA after a while medical supervision by a physician. Other than osteoarthritis, Andrew has superfluous hypertension, which is well-controlled. Postoperatively the resigned was placed in a prefabricated canvas longitudinal flexure immobilizer.  CPT:___________________________________  

Anesthesia: _____________________________ 

Concurrent Care Modifier: __________________

 Physical Status Modifier: ___________________  HCPCS:_____________________________