Nurs 6565 week 7 | NURS 6565 – Synthesis in Advanced Nursing Practice Care of Patients in Primary Care Settings | Walden University

 Discussion: Secured Prescribing

In 1915, the Drug Enforcement Administration was formed, unconcealed then as the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Recognizing the discord in aver laws and the course for completing applications for prescriptive antecedent and DEA registration is accidental to the role of the NP as a prescriber. Within the developed decade, secured prescribing of opioids has to-boot behove a social matter. For this Discussion, you obtain rendezvous on the course for obtaining prescriptive antecedent succeeding successfully completing your program of examine and perishing a Social Certification Exam. You to-boot obtain inspect secured prescribing.

To prepare:
  • Review your aver’s course for obtaining prescriptive antecedent and associated fees
  • Review the DEA webpredicament and critique the course for obtaining a DEA compute and associated fees.
  • Review and choice one of the forthcoming subject studies and dissect the provider information:
    • Case Examine One: Lori, FNP-BC, is a new furrow and has recently passed her certification exam. She has orderly been paid to result for a Primary Care Clinic in a minute town. She obtain be resulting delay one physician at one predicament.
    • Case examine Two: James, FNP-BC, results delay a physician who specializes in aversion repress. He results in separate clinics in the enlightened civic city where he practices.

By Day 3

Post a diminutive digest of your subject examine and an explication of the mismisappropriate prescriptive antecedent and DEA registration course needed for the subject examine you choiceed. Then, decipher the secured prescribing practices that these providers should use for these settings.